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How to register a blog on Yandex

How to register a blog on Yandex
Before giving a tutorial on How to Register a Blog on Yandex Wiendhy will provide a little information about what Yandex is. Yandex is a Russian search engine or search engine as a search engine that dominates the country. Just like Google and Bing (Yahoo), Yandex is also one of the big search engines that we can use to index blogs so that Yandex search engines can disseminate articles on our blog and of course that will benefit the blogs that we manage, especially in terms of SEO .

For those who want to register their blog on the Yandex search engine , please follow the steps below.

1. Open the site, click Add Site then click Sign Up
2. There you will register to create a Yandex account, please fill in your data then click Register .
3. After that, a page like this will appear
4. Add the url of your blog site, click add . After that verification appears, select the meta tag tab , then copy the verification code and add the meta tag code in the blog template right below<head>
5. Click Save template and return to the Yandex site, click Check . Wait for a moment until the process is done. After finishing your friend, you will be taken to the Yandex Webmaster dashboard page
6. Then select the Indexing options menu> Sitemap files. Add a sitemap url with the sitemap.xml url format, for example:
Until here you have registered a blog on the Yandex search engine, so for the tutorial How to Register a Blog on Yandex . May be useful.
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