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Terms in SEO

Terms in SEO
Terms in SEO - This article I want to share a little about SEO terms.

Although on the basis of the terms used in SEO it is quite a lot, but here I will summarize some SEO terms that we often hear and read.

Hopefully it can be a reference for all of you

Is a small part of a website or blog published for the purpose of attracting a number of backlinks. An example of Linkbait is if we write the word "Hot Photo".


Is an ordinary attribute used in a link from a web or blog that suggests that Google does not provide a link on the web or blog, and is usually used on paid links or avoid link spam.


Is a term for Google prisons for websites or blogs that are found to have committed serious violations of the provisions set by Google. If your web or blog goes to the Sandbox, then don't expect the web or blog to appear in Google search results.

Black Hat SEO

Is a web or blog optimization that really deviates from what has been suggested by the search engine. When you get caught using this method, it's clear that your website or blog will be subject to sanctions, one of which goes to Google's jail above.

White Hat SEO

Contrary to the method I described above, this method is a web or blog optimization method that is highly recommended by search engines.

Broken Link

Is a link that is no longer valid or in other words it can no longer be accessed due to changes in the link or changes to the intended page.

Crawler / Robot / Spider

Is a program that is used by most search engines to index or monitor the development of websites and blogs on the internet.

Duplicate Content

From the name, maybe you understand the times, huh? So true! A web page or blog that has the same content as other web pages or blogs. usually found on many web or blogs from copasers.


The opposite of the term Nofollow, which is the attribute of a link or link that allows searches to be performed on the link in question.

Anchor Text

Is the text contained in the backlink that can be clicked, and usually the text is a keyword that represents a web or blog that is intended. Anchor Text can also describe the weight of the link of a targeted web or blog and Google assesses this as a consideration in increasing PageRank.

Just as much as before about the Terms of SEO Tips, hopefully useful.
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