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How to Increase Blog Visitors

How to Increase Blog Visitors
How to Increase Blog Visitors - Increasing blog visitors is one of the things that is quite important in the internet age like today. Because for all types of businesses or businesses, the most important thing to succeed is to increase income or profit.
This can be realized, if the increasing number of customers who buy products or services. One way to add customers is with the help of a blog to introduce the company's products or services that are run.

But sometimes so that a blog gets a lot of visitors is quite difficult for some people to do. But with other effective marketing strategies and techniques the story.

Here are 21 ways to increase blog visitors.

1. Use Ad Services to Increase Blog Visitors

There are various types of advertising that can increase visitors to a blog, such as renting ad slots on a blog with quite a lot of traffic. In addition you can also use this type of social media advertising.

Before advertising, determine your target audience first. because the web or advertising media also affects visitors later. Do not get the wrong target, for example your company is female cosmetics but put an ad on a blog about electronics.

In addition to advertising services on a blog, you can also use ads based on keywords such as Adwords.

2. Socializing on Social Media

Through social media, you can interact directly with other people, especially those who have an interest in your product. But make sure what type of social media is appropriate for the product you want to market through a blog.

For example, Twitter is quite useful for capturing visitors by sharing a little content. If the product you are offering is more attractive with the appearance of an image, what is appropriate is Instagram or Pinterest.

3. Fill in the Content Regularly and Visitor Analysis

To get results that are in line with expectations sometimes there is no way that will definitely succeed, so make quality content on a regular basis. Also determine what content will be shared on social media to increase blog visitors.

Make sure to always use this method and do regular data analysis of how many visitors come to the blog. This is important to do in order to know where your business is going to go, Google Analytics is one tool that is quite helpful.

4. Analyze competition

This is important to do to produce content that can compete on the first page of search engines. Can by looking at the structure of blogs and articles made by competitors and applying them. Of course by making more complete articles than competitors to increase visitors to the blog.

5. Hold a Product Webinar

You can do a webinar by introducing the product to be sold. Nowadays there are many platforms as webinar media, one of which is Google Hangout, then don't forget to direct participants to your blog to be able to increase blog visitors.

6. Visiting the Conference

Always attend conferences that suit your business or business. Better yet if you become one of the speakers. This method can also increase visitors to the blog.

7. Making Interesting Videos

Most people today are more interested in watching videos to find information. Don't waste this opportunity, make an interesting video and include your blog link on the video.

8. Using Aggregator Sites

You can send blog content to an aggregator site like Reddit, even though the site is currently blocked in Indonesia. But internet users who are hungry for information have their own ways to access it.

9. Always Active Using Social Media

Use social media effectively, share your blog content on various social media. Always share content that attracts readers who are hungry for information.

10. Understand Google Analytics

Make sure your site is connected to Google Analytics before, then understand the facilities there. Always use the data displayed to create content.

11. Commenting on Other Sites

By leaving comments on other sites, there may not be a significant change in the increase in visitors. But this is also important for building brands so that people are known.

12. Creating an Online Community

This is one of the important ways. With a community such as a group or a fanpage on Facebook will build the trust of consumers. After many people join, of course the number of blog visitors will continue to grow.

13. Make sure the blog can be accessed quickly

Make sure the technical aspects of your blog, such as image size, page structure and plugins are optimized, so as not to slow down page loading.

Don't get your blog to require long loading when accessed, because visitors will switch to another site. This also has a bad impact on the eyes of search engines, because it is one of the determinants of ranking in search results.

14. Make sure your blog is responsive

Today smartphone users are increasing year by year when compared to computer users. Automatically more visitors access the internet through their smartphones. So make sure your blog is responsive to various devices, especially mobile.

15. Focusing on Email Marketing

This is one of the internet marketing tools that is powerful if used correctly. This is the right way for your customers to get updates about the latest products displayed on a blog.

Already know, the free hosting service is currently the most famous and has many users. They initially introduced free hosting services to capture consumer data. After getting a lot of consumer data, then paid hosting services are issued. Proven users are currently increasing from year to year.

16. Internal Links

Internal links are still one of the important SEO techniques, but it is also useful for increasing blog visitors. Connect article one to another article by inserting a link.

17. Sharing Content on LinkedIn

This method is still proven effective enough to capture visitors to the blog. But make sure to do it regularly. There are a variety of professionals from the professional community, so that it will be quite influential on your product.

18. Become a Guest Writer

There are many sites that provide facilities so that other people can write on their site. Take advantage of this opportunity, for content use your own language that is easy to digest.

19. Providing Form Registers as Authors

Don't just be a guest writer, also provide your blog with facilities so that other people can also become writers. But remember, always do article filtering before publishing. Because many also use tools to change their words so they are not readable.

For those of you who use CMS like WordPress, you can create Facebook login register facilities on wordpress as a writer.

20. Long Tail Keyword

This includes one very useful thing, especially in search results on search engines. Learn about this and know what visitors often type. To search for long tail keywords, there are many free tools, please type in the keyword long tail keyword generator.

21. On Page SEO

Optimizing blog content is very important, because it is a determinant of ranking in search results. Because with the on page seo means the site crawler will understand what content is being discussed.

Of course this will determine whether or not the web matches the keywords searched.

This method will help increase blog visitors. Be sure to combine with other methods to get the best results.
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