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The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic
Maybe there are some people who don't really know that  social media  or what is often remembered by social media is a treasure that is very helpful for the success of a website or blog. as we know that social media is the second most abundant traffic after search engines, many people use social media to get visitors to their websites and succeed, but there are also people who try their best to build traffic from social media in fact nothing or never hatch , because to attract abundant visitors using social media is very difficult, so difficult they finally decided to search only from search engines.

Indeed, capturing visitors from social media is very difficult. I have felt that for almost a month the results are still zero. the effort and effort that I do is like the guide of SEOmasters who say this and it still doesn't give birth. but do you know if you can capture visitors from social media will get abundant traffic plus get loyal visitors, of course you are curious about this. Here are the advantages if you can use social media for your site traffic.

The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Website Traffic will be stable

Having loyal visitors from social media means you have brought loyal visitors who will always return to your website at any time as soon as your post is published. Concrete things that visitors will always be curious about every post you make. then it can be said that your traffic will always be stable even visitors from social media will have a positive impact on your traffic.

Will Not Be Affected by the Search Engine Algorithm

Traffic coming from social media will not be disturbed by the algorithm update, they always keep visiting your website, as I said that visitors from social media will always monitor all the latest updates from your website. even the possibility of bringing their friends to see your website is positive. 

In addition, you are also not required to always monitor the latest SEO for your website, it can be said that visitors from social media do not need the name SEO, because SEO itself is an optimization of the website to get a position in the SERP as said in the post is SEO?

Traffic Will Continue to Increase

Indeed, it can be said that visitors from social media are very affected by their friends whose results are that their friends will be curious about our website. logically every visitor from many social media will likely share to their page automatically all friends will see this posting significantly will get a positive impact and a good response.

Many ways to get abundant traffic from social media, but you need to know the level of difficulty will feel very heavy, because maybe you will always take your time to continue to interact with them, if you never interact with them of course you will be difficult to get visitors from social media.

In addition to taking up time to build traffic from social media, you have to know what social media users want, because if you think about a particular niche, there are many possibilities that social media users will never think of you, this is what might saturate, indeed to search friends from social media that are in line with our niche will feel heavy, especially if you have never had a bright idea that social media users may have known beforehand it is likely that your business will never be considered by them.


Indeed, bringing in traffic is very difficult, but all you have to do is focus on what you believe, the God willing will be better than you don't focus at all, if you really focus then things that are impossible will become possible.
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