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What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO

What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO
If we look at the use of SSL Certificates for websites that have grown large, it is very striking. but most others don't use SSL. then what exactly is SSL for? will SSL affect SEO? This is a common question raised by all internet users. Even Google Webmaster itself announced that for websites that have SSL to register separately, either using SSL or without using SSL.

We can see the use of SSL at the beginning of the website URL, that is, with the beginning of the https: / url, while the general one like us is http: /. this difference is striking. then what exactly is this SSL. I explain the following with what I have recorded for this content.

What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO

What is SSL Certificate?

Is SSL Certificate a data encryption system which is a layered protocol where in each layer there is a data consisting of length of description and content. SSL retrieves data to be sent, broken into regular blocks, then compressed, encrypted, and the results sent. if it is at the destination, the data will be decrypted, verified, compressed, and then rearranged.

Does SSL Ensure a Secure Website from Hackers?

The answer is no, SSL is only responsible for protecting the data of the website by encrypting data, either sent or displayed (GET) but again SSL cannot protect the website from hacking attacks. If your website has a gap that can be monitored for security, you can be sure your website will still be hacked.

So Why Does SSL Need?

The reason you have to use SSL is so that your data is not peered by the sniffer. For example if you have a website with a login page and your website does not use SSL, there is a possibility when you fill in the login form then click the submit button. Sent data will be peeked by sniffers, resulting in your username and password being known by the sniffer. 

What's more if the username and password are access to your financial transactions. things can be very fatal as a result, that is why almost all internet banking uses SSL to guarantee transaction data security. if you are married with this, I recommend ordering SSL here.

Will SSL Certificate Affect SEO?

Until now SSL was still too early to discuss about the article Om Matt Cuts in this 2014 statement on the Google algorithm has not touched on this. but it can be ascertained that someday Google will definitely announce this. because like already uses SSL too. seo influence will be possible

Regarding SEO itself does not refer to SSL but rather refers to relevant content. even if SSL can affect, this will be a matter of pros and cons. and again Google always has good ideas. so even though we contradict this, Google remains the referee on the internet. Google's decision cannot be underestimated as we know Google is the most widely used machine by internet users. so it's very taboo, if we contradict Google.

As I quoted from the news website pro news. this matter is still in serious discussion. in the end Google will talk about SSL. now we live internet users whether we switch SSL or not if one day google states that SSL Certificate applies to SEO development.
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