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SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs

SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs
SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs - Tumblr is not too friendly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even so we can still optimize SEO tumblr blogs . As a blogging platform that is currently popular, we can edit Tumblr theme or HTML blogs. This is what we use for Tumblr SEO, which is by adding the Tumblr blog theme code.

Immediately, we discussed the tricks and powerful tips to make blogs on tumblr more SEO friendly with search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo with custum themes. Check out the following SEO tricks and tips :

1. Replace the blog title with the Post

Post title on Tumblr divided into several types, namely; text, photo, quote, chat, link, audio and video. Not all posts give the title column, so if the permalink is opened that appears is the blog title. This creates a few blog keywords that are searched by search engines. For this reason, it is necessary to replace the blog title with the post title. The trick is to change the <title> code in the head tag with the following code:

<title>{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary} - {/block:PostSummary}{Title}</title>

2. Tagging as a keyword

Just like on other platforms, such as Bogger and Wordpress, on Tumblr there is also an option to tag when post. This tag can be used as a meta keyword. The trick is to add the following meta tag keyword:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”{block:Permalink}{block:Posts}{block:Tags}{Tag}, {/block:Tags}{/block:Posts}{/block:Permalink}” />

3. Adding the meta tag title and description

Add the following meta tag title and description code to the Tumblr blog theme:

<meta name=”title” content=”{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary} - {/block:PostSummary}{Title}” />
<meta name=”description” content=”{MetaDescription}” />

4. Use the <h1> tag for the title

Using the <h1> tag on the post or blog title can make a tumblr blog better in the search engine results position. The trick is to look for the {block: Title} code and replace it with the following code:


5. Register the sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools

Tumblr has an XML Sitemap that is function of the sitemap is to provide information to search engines about all pages and posts in a blog. Register or submit our tumblr blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. 

6. Install sharing buttons to bookmarks and social media

By installing a button or sharing visitor button or ourselves it will be easier to share posts that have been made to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and so on, or social bookmarking. Tumblr blogs can be read by search engines adding backlinks. 

That's SEO Tips for Tumblr Blogsso that your blog is more SEO, more popular in the eyes of search engines. The most important thing is always post interesting and useful content and share it to twitter, facebok and others.
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