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What Are Google Core Algorithms?

What Are Google Core Algorithms?
Explained that in January 2016 Google had activated its newest algorithm, called the Google Core algorithm .

The Google Core algorithm says it greatly affects the search results of articles or posts (content) of a website in the SERP.

If this algorithm fails to read on a blog, the biggest possibility is to be thrown from the pageone. Not only that, it can be non-deindexed by Google forever.

Latest Google SEO Algorithm Update

Many SEO experts and webmasters at that time "frenzy" and reported the many changes to the blog ranking on Google, which initially occupies the pageone (top) lost like swallowed by the earth, at least stranded to second, third and so on. Some are non-indexed or de-indexed by Google! 

This is based on the direct facts of Search Metrics Research which functions to check SEO Rank, Paid rank, Link Rank and social rank strength globally (international) where one of the sites, Ultimate Guitar, has a non-index in total! 

Our question here is what is the Google Core algorithm? How does this algorithm affect the blogs, sites or websites that we have?

Understanding Google Core Algorithms

Understanding the Google Core algorithm is an algorithm that functions "read" an article whether the quality level of the content is indeed rich in information or just an ordinary article.

The Role of Google Penguin and Panda Algorithms

Some foreign webmasters actually question whether the Core algorithm is closely related to the Google Penguin and Panda algorithms, or not at all?

Impact and Effect of Core Algorithms

As explained above, that this algorithm is predicted to affect the search for a site or website on Google. More precisely, blogs will be non-indexed (de-indexed) by Google, both articles and blogs. 

I myself took this source directly from the Search Metrics blog where it was explained that we can overcome and avoid this Core algorithm. The method is quite easy, improve the quality of the content. 

If we don't "heed" the request from this google core algorithm, of course our blog will be thrown out of the winner. If that's the case, it's not impossible that the blog will be de-indexed by Google. 

Actually the information I got was published in January 2016, there are many sites that provide this important information.

Keep in mind here is the Google Core algorithm is still very secretive by Google, only a few are explained. We can googling where other blogs have discussed the information but the explanation is different.
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