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White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques
On this occasion Wiendhy Wiana will discuss some of the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques that you can apply as consideration for future blogs

1. White Hat SEO technique

White hat SEO is a good and true SEO optimization effort and does not violate the TOS that has been set by search engines. For all bloggers who want to get good results on the SERP page it is recommended to apply this one SEO technique. The main goal of White hat SEO is to increase the page rank of the blog to page one on the search engine. Indeed, this technique takes a long time, but it is safer and you can trust the Search Engine. 

Isn't it fun if your blog or site is often visited by Search Engines? In addition, visitors to your blog will be crowded and stable if you manage to optimize a page on the Search Engine.

The technique used by a White hat SEO is very simple as long as it is diligent and has the desire to update posts every day (not like this blog). Arranging words or writing on blogs is not as easy as you imagine, but search engines are very happy with original content. 

Here are some white hat SEO techniques, including: 

Blog Content Optimization

Improving the quality of blogs by always presenting quality and original content. 

Keyword Optimization

Doing various optimization of the correct keywords without manipulating the color or font size with keyword density of one content that is not more than 3.5% or 5%. 

Optimization on Blog URL

Does not make certain url redirects to other pages when a visitor opens the link and certainly strengthens SEO optimization by entering the blog keyword into the url. 

Doing link building

Doing the right bulding links and not getting out of the way like building link building naturally and not by buying quality backlinks from blogs that have high page rank. 

Templates or appearance

In choosing a template or display also includes one White hat seo technique that can be done, so choose an SEO friendly template and don't forget to set the CSS by streamlining it so that the blog loading is fast. A lightweight blog is very popular with search engines or search engines.

To streamline CSS, you can use CSS Minifier 

Meta Tag

Install Meta Tags this is very helpful especially the title and description that need to be noticed is the robot and the title right under the head so that the tracker content clearly reads all markup codes. Place the title as a keyword and also a description, it's better to place it in the following elements:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta keywords
  • Post with Element h1-h6
  • Alt tags that can be optimized in the image
  • Title Tag
  • Links that contain keywords
  • Directed information

Creating relevant content and showing relevant information too, the point is that if you want to market a product, market a sporty one that does not make other keywords inserted in the content so that visitors know the purpose and purpose of the blog with the appropriate product. 

A good

backlink Look for good backlinks from sites that have high PageRank or have a high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority), submit also to dofollow site directories and look for backlinks that are one-way / in accordance with your blog content. 

Ping regularly

It is recommended to do Ping techniques regularly after publishing new posts. But don't Ping too often because it will be considered spam. If you make a lot of posts in a day, just do Ping once. 

Promote Blog to Social Media

Do it by relying on Facebook and Twitter or other social media, which needs to be noticed when linking must have a title that matches the discussion on the blog.

2. Black Hat SEO techniques

Black Hat SEO  with a black hat logo mascot is an optimization technique for a blog to get the first position on search engines but illegally / fraudulently. Indeed, the effects of Black hat SEO can be seen very quickly but not a few blogs that are exposed to Google Sandbox or even banned because of using this black hat technique. 

This technique tries to try to fool search engines. Can be used by using hidden text, filling keywords, fake pages, and others. Their goal is actually the same as White Hat SEO, which is to get first place in search engine results, but only in a short time.

Therefore, Black Hat SEO is not a good technique to practice. If you run a business on a blog, I recommend not using this technique, because it will cause the site's ranking in search engines to drop dramatically. 

Here are some black hat SEO techniques, including: 

Link Farming

Link Farming is a technique of collecting links on one blog page or site. The point is that on one page only contains a list of links that can be very large up to hundreds or even thousands of links. 

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the application of excessive keywords, where a blog page contains a repetitive or unnatural word. 

Text Not Visible

Text Not Visible is a technique of hiding keywords in a blog whose words will not appear in plain view. The trick is to match the color of the text to the background of the template. for example if our template has a white background then make the color of the text white. The invisible text can be seen by blocking all pages by using ctrl + a to select all hidden posts. Another way is to pay attention to the page source of the page. 

Repeat Title

Repeat title means the contents of the post only contain repetitions of the title. The trick is easy, create a post for example the title SEO Techniques  then the contents are just a repetition of the title of the post that isSEO techniques , there is no need to add another text, that's enough. Usually techniques like this apply to new keywords that are on google or just appeared on google. 

So reviews of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Techniques , hopefully increase the insight of blogger friends. thanks.

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