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How to Optimize SEO Onpage and Offpage

How to Optimize SEO Onpage and Offpage - SEO optimization on blogs is an absolute thing that must be done by someone who is in managing a blog, be it seo onpage or seo offpage. By optimizing SEO on blogs, it means that you have made every effort to have a blog on the search engine, either with the aim of becoming or appearing on the first page or getting visitors.

Consciously it must be true that if the state of the blog which is always in the best rank in the search engine will certainly make the blog visited a lot. and of course this opportunity will have a good impact on the blog itself, with flooded visitors making you make money with a blog will be achieved. therefore, optimizing SEO both Onpage and Offpage needs to be considered, both onpage and offpage optimization for blogger platform blogs (Blogspot) or WordPress platforms.

Talk about SEO is certainly not a new thing, a bit of a discussion about blogs and websites will always be served with dishes that never miss this, which is always present in most blog articles, because SEO or also known as "Search Engine Optimization" is a supporter main blog along with a quality article. For that, try to look at some of the reviews regarding seo and your porch to create a new blog.

How to Optimize SEO ONPAGE on Blog

Seo Onpage optimization or optimizing the search engine for a blog, both blogspot and wordpress is very easy, but if you are looking for optimization that is difficult in other blogs, there may be many. For this reason, Arlina Design will convey in a simple manner that hopefully it can be understood. 

1. First Onpage Seo Optimization

The important thing of all that is important for optimizing SEO onpage is keywords or keywords, therefore choose keywords that are the reference from the beginning of creating a blog. this is like when you determine a blog topic. 

For example, you want to create a blog with a job theme, then your reference keywords are job vacancies, or want entertainment themes like song lyrics, then your reference is song lyrics, that's the other themes.

Therefore, for the first onpage SEO optimization you need to apply is to choose a domain name with keywords or keywords and of course complete it with promising blog titles and descriptions that match the direction in which your blog speaks or discusses it. 

2. Second Onpage Seo Optimization

In this second step Optimization is about completeness of blog attributes, be it title tags, Meta descriptions, or Breadcrumb attributes, or other coding that is in the blog template. To complete it, you who are still laymen in this case can be fulfilled by using a template that has seo friendly features.

To have the Seo template, you will find it if you look for it in the search engine, either free or paid. Because usually seo friendly templates are easier to use and the regulator will be included directly by the author. 

3. Third Seo Onpage

Optimization The third stage of Onpage SEO optimization can be done by maximizing the articles in your blog, as a true blogger, of course creating quality articles is a motto in mind that must be applied. so your blog will be the heart of the loyal visitor. 

I have actually explained in the article "Earn Money on the Pertamina Blog Competition SEO Contest" some time ago. but the following is an application for Seo on page optimization in your article in broad outline.

Examples of Onpage SEO blog articles with keywords or keywords to make SEO blog onpage 

1. In the article on your blog must contain at least 7 keywords or keywords that you want to target. namely "Creating a Seo Onpage Blog" 

2. Make 1 unique keyword with a sloping line. like "Creating a Seo Onpage Blog" 

3. Make 1 unique keyword in bold. like "Creating a Blog on Onageage" 

4. Make a keyword at the beginning or the title of your post sentence. 

5. Make 1 keyword at the end or closing of your post.

6. Make 3 keywords that are at the beginning of each paragraph tagged H1, H2 and H3, to find out what is H1, H2, and H3, please hunt for the info on Google for more details, but when you use a Seo friendly template that has Setting the H1, H2 and H3 tags well, it is not necessary to re-tweak. 

7. Make a tag on the image in your post (ALT = Keyword) by giving a min sign (-) to the image name. For example: create-blog-seo-onpage-and-offpage 

8. Make at least 3 links that lead to the posts that we want.

9. At least make 500 articles. If you use blogspot, copy the article and paste it on the site "", besides being able to check the number of words, you can also check the uniqueness of the article that you make, the more unique it will be the better. 

10. The post title and permalink must be preceded or contain keywords. For example: in this article "" 

That is a simple and friendly version of the SeoOnpage Optimization of course.

How to Optimize OFFPAGE SEO on a Blog

For Seo Offpage Optimization on blogs is an optimization that is done outside of the blog, therefore you can apply the following steps to try it. 

1. Registering a Website or Blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing

This method is nothing but submitting our Blog Sitemap in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, because by registering our sitemap or site map on the webmaster tools it will make it easier for search engines to crawl our blog, of course you must register the related blog first.

For Google Webmaster Tools you just have to log in via a gmail account, if you don't have a gmail account, try to read articles about creating a gmail account first, but if you already have enough, go to Google's Webmaster Tools address to get started. and for the Bing and Yahoo search engines, you can simply submit your sitemap on Bing, because bing and yahoo are a combination of search alliances. 

To submit a sitmap bing you need a Microsoft account, then create a microsoft account to log in to Bing Webmaster Tools according to your microsoft account. 

2. Share on social networks

As another step for Seo Offpage Optimization, social networking is the best choice. where by sharing content or articles from blogs that we manage on social networks will make blogs have the best ranking in search engines, because from social networking sources also have a very good impact, of course if what we have shared through social networks works well, with in other words the link is clicked by a social networking user. 

3. Look for Backlinks

Building a Seo Offpage with Backlinks is an additional point that is equally important to apply, where the blog links that we manage are in blogs or blog articles of other people, with the source of a good blog that will make our blog become good, but if the backlink we make or look for sources from sites or blogs that contain copypaste, which will actually be bad.


The conclusion of the discussion on How to Optimize SEO Onpage and Offpage can be done easily, for Seo Onpage can be improved with only the use of blog templates that are as friendly, and for Seo Offpage Optimization can be done in stages, to maximize seo offpage step by step is a weapon to make a blog better at Serp Engine, both Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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