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Blog Criteria Preferred by Google Search Engines

Blog Criteria Preferred by Google Search Engines
Criteria for Blogs Like Google Search Engines - If we understand how search engines work, then we don't need to be confused about concocting blogs to meet the requirements to be easy to find and always be a champion in search engines, especially Google. Unfortunately there is no one who can provide a guarantee that there are certain ways that work to conquer this Google search engine, so that blog articles are always on page one. Even so, there are still patterns that can be followed so that the competition to become champions in the Google search engine is realized.

As a matter of fact, SEO is important. However, there are other important things to support blogs outside the context of SEO. Although we can only guess at how this search engine works, there are at least some consistent standards that need to be done so that blogs are always favored by the Google search engine .

Here are the blog criteria that Google search engines like.

Google search engine likes blogs that are original and quality content

The first and foremost thing that must be considered in building a blog is to write articles that are not only original, but also quality. Both of these conditions must coincide with each other. The original content relates to the nature of the authenticity of an article born from the author's creative ideas related to the context of the problem. 

However, the original content is not enough, the content must also be quality. This quality content is related to the elements of its usefulness to the reader. That is, after reading the article, what is the effect on the reader? Does the article provide a solution or answer the problem of the reader?

Sometimes many bloggers are caught up in this. They just focus on things that smell 'original' but not accompanied by quality dishes. Although, later this blog will be crowded with 'loyal' visitors, but will not compete in search engines.

The Google search engine likes blogs that have many articles

In addition to maintaining the level of originality and quality of content, the next reason that makes a blog to be liked by Google search engines is the quantity of articles or the number of articles. This is intended to enrich the diversity of keywords on the blog. 

That way, the Google search engine will assess the blog provides a variety of solutions. It does not mean filling a blog with articles that are different (different niches) then this is completely answered. Not so, niche blogs can also enrich the diversity of keywords with things related to the niche blog.

Google search engines like blogs that are consistent with niche blogs

One of the most important standards for blogs that are preferred by Google search engines is to maintain niche blogs. Because, Google prefers blogs or websites that focus. The reason is that visitors can find targeted solutions to the keywords they type. 

Another reason is that the blog has been considered an expert on the scope of the content discussed. So that visitors will always be directed to blogs that maintain the niche.

The Google search engine likes blogs that maintain the template structure

This is often ignored by many bloggers, especially novice bloggers. Most bloggers choose to change templates a little, intermittently install new templates. Though this is one of the time-wasting activities. In addition, changing the template can also affect the overall level of induction of the blog. 

Keep in mind that, the search engine not only indexes or crawls the articles in the article, but overall on the blog, from top to bottom, including the HTML structure of the template.

If we often change templates, then the search engine also repeats its work in terms of crawling the structure of the blog. It seems only a trivial matter. However, if this is done repeatedly, it means you have given a signal to the search engine to make him bored with the blog.

Google search engine likes blogs that are not spam

Blogs considered spam are influenced by several things. One of the most influential things is the backlink for the blog. A balanced backlink will make the blog rise in rank. Conversely, if the receipt of backlinks is not balanced, for example at most only from one site / website or only from one artile, then be prepared for your blog will be considered SPAM. That's just one criteria for backlinks, not to mention others, such as backlink website content (if the blog or website backlinks) and so on. 

For that, there is no need to link if you visit someone's website or blog. We also don't need to focus too much on chasing keywords in the search engine. But if you want to get visitors from blogwalking activities, at least keep the quality of commenting and commenting ethics.

Google always innovates to improve the quality of its search engines and fight against spam blogs or websites. If only the blog that you manage has been stamped by a spammer, it means that the blog has become the enemy of Google's search engine. 


If there is a question, 'if I do the things above, will my blog be liked by search engines and will always be on the Google search engine page one? The answer is not necessarily. Because hundreds or even thousands of other bloggers also try their best to do and want the same thing. The point is, how much effort do you have compared to other bloggers trying similar things? If your business is considered better, then even good appreciation will be obtained, and vice versa.
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