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Danau Toba Tourism, Uniqueness in the Beauty of Lake Legend

Lake Toba tourism is one of the most famous lake tourism in Indonesia. Besides Lake Toba has stunning natural beauty, Lake Toba keeps a legendary story that you must know. Lake Toba nature tourism is one of the lakes that stores a lot of natural wealth. Until now the beauty of Lake Toba is not inferior to other natural scenery.

Lake Toba North Sumatra Tourism
Until now there have been many tourists to foreign tourists who have visited Lake Toba. Behind the panoramic view of the beauty of Lake Toba is tucked a fairytale of the archipelago. The story of Lake Toba starts from a valley in North Sumatra with the main actor being the hard-working farmer and the magical fish princess.

According to information from geologists that the crater of Lake Toba was formed due to a volcanic eruption of a super volcanic type that occurred around 77,000 years ago. Even the eruption was classified as a terrible one when compared with other volcanic eruptions, it is believed that the explosion reached thousands of eruptions on normal volcanoes. The impact also affected the climate throughout the world at that time.

The legendary story of Lake Toba has spread and is known throughout Indonesia. At present Lake Toba is a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia, a beautiful and vast lake, with exotic views, there is the island of Samosir in the middle of Lake Toba. A Lake Toba tourist destination that teaches us a meaning of life. There are several good reasons why you need to visit the natural attractions of Lake Toba :

Natural Beauty and Quiet Atmosphere
For those of you who want to spend a long vacation or even just a weekend, then Lake Toba is a natural tourist recommendation. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing and resting temporarily from the tired world of work and tiring social interaction. This kind of peace, you only get from Lake Toba.

Cool Natural Air
In addition to stunning natural scenery, in the lake tour you will feel the natural air that is cool and calm. That way you don't need to go far for recreation abroad if you are just looking for atmosphere or even the cool natural air, the air around Lake Toba's natural attractions is not inferior to Europe.
Panorama of Nature
If you really want to take a vacation by forgetting for a moment the problem of work at the office, then the natural tourism of Lake Toba provides an unforgettable sensation. There you will find panoramic views of natural beauty such as lakes, islands in the middle of the lake and also beautiful hillside slopes.

Just information, that the area of ​​Lake Toba alone reaches twice the size of the country of Singapore. How can you feel the sensation? The location is on the top of a gigantic volcano that has been active around 75,000 years ago and becomes a beautiful natural panorama. Not to mention, there are rows of mountains surrounding it, as well as a procession of clouds that adorn it. Making this Lake Toba increasingly amazing.

Lake Toba people

At Lake Toba, visitors will not only see a panoramic view of natural beauty but you will also find a welcoming and friendly Toba community. The traditions of the Toba Batak people will make you fall in love, you can explore or just know the traditions there from some native Samosir people.
Seen the vast expanse of the lake of legend in North Sumatra is indeed not the same as the lake in general, even this lake resembles a charming blue sea. Therefore, in the end Lake Toba was made as the widest and largest lake in Southeast Asia and became the second largest lake after Lake Victoria in Africa, for Lake Toba's depth became the deepest lake in the world according to the administrative depth of up to 450 meters, while for 100 kilometers long and 30 meters wide.
Tourists generally travel there to do a variety of fun activities such as mountain climbing, sailing touring Lake Toba by using a sailboat, swimming, and visiting the island of Samosir, North Sumatra. Being in the tourist location of the lake in North Sumatra will not feel boredom, the article of the lake presents amazing natural beauty, especially the natural beauty that tourists get when visiting the island of Samosir which is located right in the middle of the lake.
Although it has long been opened to the public to become a tourist destination in North Sumatra, Samosir Island is always preserved by its natural beauty which is rarely touched by humans. The area of ​​Samosir Island is almost the same as the area of ​​neighboring country, Singapore. Samosir Island is mostly inhabited by the Samosir Batak tribe.
Samosir Island has two beautiful lakes known as Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. In the area around the lake on the island of Samosir there are pine forests neatly arranged on the edge of the island. Not only that, there are also beautiful panoramic waterfalls. Even now on the outskirts of Lake Toba tourism there are hot springs with sulfur water which is said to be good for healing and nourishing the skin.

The Right Time to Visit
There are some of the best times to visit Lake Toba, all depending on the needs of tourists. For example on vacation, want to win a thought, take a vacation to see the festival and so on. If you want to take a vacation to get an exciting experience like a festival, then visiting in September to November will give you a memorable moment.
If you just want to relax in the Lake Toba region, then from May to September is the most appropriate time. Because in those months the weather is entering the dry season, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature without being disturbed by rain. In May is the best month considering the temperature conditions in tourist sites that are cool and conducive.

Location of Lake Toba Sumatra
The location of the largest lake in Indonesia is in seven different districts surrounding the tourist area, namely Tobasa (Toba Samosir), Samosir Regency, Simalungun Regency, Dairi Regency, North Tapanuli Regency, Karo Regency and Humbang Hasundutan Regency.

Since the Silangit airport has just opened recently, you can easily access Lake Toba. Because the airlines Sriwijaya Air and Garuda Indonesia have opened new routes directly from Jakarta to Silangit airport located in the Siborong Borong sub-district. From Silangit airport you only need about 1 hour to get to Parapat and you will arrive at the natural tourism of Lake Toba.
If you want to use an airplane as a means of transportation to Lake Toba, you need to prepare a fee of approximately Rp. 1,7800,000, using the Garuda Indonesia airline. From Silangit airport to Parapat you need to rent a car or taxi with a price range of 350,000 which can accommodate 4 to 5 people.

It is incomplete if you do not visit Samosir Island while visiting Lake Toba. To go to Samosir Island, you need to rent a ferry. The crossing trip takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes. Also find out the time to leave the ferry from Parapat to the island of Samosir, so as not to miss.

Now think about it like that is some useful information when visiting Lake Toba . If you do not understand the conditions in the area, then you should hire a professional tour guide who will guide your tour, so the trip will be more fun and there are no obstacles. That's all the information we can give thanks.

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