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Is It True to See Green Nature Make Eyes Healthier?

Maybe your parents or even your teacher at school once told us that seeing the green scenery out there, for example trees or hills, has good benefits for our eyes.

So far, there seems to be no definitive research about the benefits of green on eye health, and it is still just a suggestion from parents. However, actually seeing certain colors, including green, is not just "refreshing" the eyes, you know. Psychologically, green has an influence on our mood and mind, and makes us feel calmer.

Based on reports, colors are known to have an influence on our psychology and emotions. Color is also a form of nonverbal communication that can express messages instantly and has more meaning.
The science of using color for therapy is called colorology (using color for healing). This method has long been used and developed in ancient Egyptian and Chinese society or in ancient cultures.

Our eyes can capture 7 million different colors. However, there are several main colors that can have an impact on health and mood . Each color emits energy waves of different lengths and has different effects.

Psychological effects of green
As explained in , there are 4 main colors that affect our daily psychology, namely red, blue, yellow, and green. They have a relationship with the body, mind, emotions, and an important balance between the three.

Green has a meaning of balance. It has positive benefits for us, for example bringing harmony in everyday life, emotional balance, refreshing eyes and mind, soothing, making us care about the environment, balance of mind, and bring peace.

However, the green color also has "side effects" such as can make us feel bored, it feels like that, makes us weak and weak.

When the eye sees something green or green, our eyes don't need any adjustments, so we feel comfortable and calm when looking at it. When we see the color green, we will feel the presence of nature, such as the presence of water, and feel safe because there is less sense of danger.

Green is considered a calming and relaxing color, perfect for people who are tense or need to be emotionally balanced and create openness between you and others. Green is also associated with the heart chakra, so this color is believed to help emotional problems, such as love, trust, and affection.

The researchers also found that green can improve reading skills for students. Those who are used to reading written material on transparent green sheets will increase their reading speed and comprehension. Maybe because the effect of this green color is relaxing and calming our minds.
So, at least we know that the effect or benefit of seeing green turns out to be more than just 'refreshing' the eyes. Although maybe the eyes won't get healthier after seeing the color green, at least the mind becomes calmer.
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