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Peucang Island, Banten

One of UNESCO's world heritage sites

If you really love the beauty of nature, you must visit Ujung Kulon National Park ( Peucang Island ). Here you have been waiting for the beauty of white sand and coral reefs, the clear blue sea water is perfect for swimming, diving, fishing, or snorkeling on Peucang Island is also ideal for observing various animals, especially deer.

UNESCO has awarded this island as one of the world's natural heritage sites because of its diversity of flora and fauna. Not to mention the beautiful natural scenery that can tether your memory in your heart to invite you to come back to this island. The beach on Peucang Island is a paradise for lovers of hobbies fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

Peucang Island is in the Panaitan Strait, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province, located east of Ujung Kulon National Park . The journey to the island is quite far, you have to use the car for more than 8 hours from Jakarta and then cross for about 2 hours to get here. You need to wear a jacket for boating to keep the sea breeze strong. The duration of the trip will pay off with the gift of an amazing view. Your eyes will be spoiled by a variety of amazing flora and fauna, while walking around try to guess what creatures are peeking at you from a distance.

Peucang Island is a base camp and a tourist registration site that will explore Ujung Kulon National Park. In Karang Copong Beach, Peucang Island Tour, Ujung Kulon, this little island can be found several types of accommodation for resting. Peucang Island is always crowded with local and foreign tourists visiting where it is located not far from Ujung Kulon National Park so as to facilitate access for tourists who will visit or rest.

In addition to available lodging and restaurants there are many activities you can do on this beautiful island. A tourist spot worth visiting is Karang Copong where there is a very charming view of the rising sun.
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