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Theboegis : What Needs to Be Done After Glaucoma Implant Installation?

Glaucoma implants are an alternative treatment for glaucoma patients in the chronic phase or commonly referred to as refractory glaucoma / difficult cases of glaucoma. When deciding to use the implant, what are the treatments that need to be taken so that the glaucoma implant remains good?

Reasons to choose implants, one method of glaucoma treatment
Before knowing how to treat after implant placement, it helps you know the reasons for using implants compared to other glaucoma treatments.

Based on the Mayo Clinic page  , the method of treating glaucoma patients actually consists of various types. These methods include drugs, lasers, trabeculectomy operations, to implant placement.

Among them, implants should be chosen as the ultimate solution when other methods fail to treat glaucoma patients.

Dr. dr. Virna Dwi Oktariana, SpM (K) who was met in an exclusive interview at the launch of the Virna Glaucoma Implant product in the Salemba area, Central Jakarta (26/6) explained the purpose of installing glaucoma implants.

Primarily, implant placement is expected to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma sufferers .

This installation can also have an impact on other treatments performed by glaucoma patients. For example, patients who have previously used drugs, say as many as 5 types of drugs, can reduce their consumption of the drug or even get rid of it altogether.

That is why, implants are the right alternative to overcome difficult cases of glaucoma.

Treatment is carried out after glaucoma implant placement
Glaucoma implants can indeed handle glaucoma cases very well. However, that does not mean then you do not need to treat it.

Glaucoma implants are permanent and lifetime attached to the patient's eyeball. P asien was no need to replace with a new implant or remove it at any time.

Therefore, glaucoma implant treatment must be done routinely to maintain the condition of the implant and the patient's eye health.

Doctor Virna explained that one of the glaucoma implant treatments that can be done by patients is to carry out routine control to the doctor. Control at least every three to four months.

You may not benefit immediately after the implant is inserted. It takes time until you really feel the effects.

"Depending on the condition of the patient's eyes, there is one month that has improved, there is a change after six months, the changes," said Dr. Virna

He also added that there were no specific recommendations and precautions to be taken as treatment for glaucoma implants. Patients can still undergo activities as usual.

Although there are no specific guidelines regarding the treatment of glaucoma implants, there are restrictions that should be avoided in the early stages of recovery after surgery.

Abstinence after glaucoma implant surgery
There are some restrictions for patients who have recently undergone implantation for glaucoma.

Generally, abstinence is similar to abstinence after cataract surgery . Things that should be avoided in the early stages of postoperative recovery, namely:

  • Don't do strenuous activities for a while. 
  • It would be safer if the patient did not drive the vehicle after implant surgery. 
  • Take the medication regularly as directed by your doctor, even if you have implanted.   
  • Avoid areas that are full of dust.
  • If you have to clean the house, clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner . 
  • Don't rub your eyes . Even when patients are not undergoing treatment or surgery, rubbing their eyes is not a good idea because it can cause infection. 
  • Don't swim, avoid contact with water in the early stages of the postoperative recovery period. 
  • Avoid using eye makeup. 

Although there are some restrictions, the installation of glaucoma implants is relatively safe. You also do not need to do glaucoma implant treatment specifically, other than checking regularly to the doctor.

Side effects of using glaucoma implants
Although somewhat safe and does not require special treatment, it does not mean the installation of glaucoma implants do not bring side effects.

The term implant indicates that a foreign body entered the body. This method can cause mild side effects in some patients.

The risk of these side effects will increase if the patient has an allergic reaction to the basic ingredients of glaucoma implants.

However, there is no need to worry. According to Dr. Virna, in practice, fewer patients experience side effects than those who do not experience it at all.

Installation of glaucoma implants can indeed improve vision very well. However, keep in mind that not everyone can do this procedure.

The condition of the conjunctiva or thin film that will later coat the implant needs to be checked whether it meets the criteria or not. Consult with your doctor to find out whether you can do this procedure or not.
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