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For bloggers certainly no stranger to the name google adsense. With google adsense we can get income from blogs that we have. But the problem to become a google adsense publisher is not easy, not infrequently bloggers who are rejected submission of google adsense for various reasons.

For those of you who have been rejected many times by google adsense / want to find other alternatives, especially local ads, you can use alternative google adsense like Adstriton is an advertising network (like GA, mgid, Chitika, bidvertiser, etc.) where you can earn money just by placing ad code on your blog. Commissions given in the form of CPM and CPC. Payment / payout can be done when the balance has reached IDR 3000 with regular pulses, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency (bitcoin and monero). The available ad modes are:

1. Banner Ads Banner

ads / banner ads are types of ads that will display an ad in the form of a banner with a certain size. This type of ad will display a banner on your blog, and you will get paid when the banner is displayed to the user (CPM) and when clicked by the user (CPC).

2. Popup Ads Popup

ads are types of advertisements that will display a popup when any part of your blog is clicked on by users, and you will get paid from every popup that appears (CPM).

3. Intext Ads Intext

ads are a type of ad that will change the text on your blog into active links based on certain keywords. You will get paid when the link is clicked by the user (CPC).

4. Direct Link Advertising

Direct / direct ads is a type of ad that directs visitors / visitors directly to the ad website with a special link that you can get in the member area. You will get paid when the link is clicked by the user (CPC).

5. Auto Safelink

Auto safelink is to change the active link on your blog into a proxy link / undirect link so that users will be directed to a page first before being directed to the original link.

To join Adstriton is not difficult, blogs with any niche can be accepted, including downloading blogs as long as the blog does not contain prohibited content, such as pornography, gambling, phishing, malware, etc. To become an adstriton publisher, you can visit then click the 'Join with us now for free' button. After that, you just follow the steps to register to become a publisher.
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    Zatnika 02 February, 2020 22:36

    amazing i just recent know it~

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