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Batu Lamampu Beach, East Kalimantan

Batu Lamampu Beach, East Kalimantan
Batu Lamampu Beach, East Kalimantan
Kalimantan is arguably endless in terms of tourism. Furthermore, there is Batu Lamampu Beach located in Sebatik District, Kab. Nunukan, East Kalimantan. When visiting here, you will have a beautiful and captivating panorama. Clean and beautiful beach stretch will make you feel at home for long.

Sebatik Island has tourist attractions, one of which is Batu Lamampu Beach . This beach is one of the icons on Sebatik Island which can bring in foreign and domestic tourists. Batu Lamampu Beach is located in Sebatik District, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province .

This beach offers the charm of Ambalat, the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. The beauty of the border area between Indonesia and the neighboring country will look charming when you observe it from Batu Lamampu Beach because it is located directly facing the border with a stunning coastline. The term Batu Lamampu comes from the Tidung language, which means stones that arise and are arranged towards the sea. According to the local people, this stone always appears above the surface and never sinks despite the high tide.

The sacred stone in Batu Lamampu is often a haven for tourists. On the pile of rocks there is a banyan tree. Residents believe it, by tying a rope to the tree and mentioning the name of the person who is wanted to be a life companion, surely that intention will be fulfilled. This beach has a beautiful ocean panorama, beautiful white sand, coral piles, and piles of rocks that lead to the open sea. This beach is also used for champing, making ivents, raising 1000-meter flags and other activities.

Various activities can be done by tourists in Batu Lamampu Beach . Starting from grilling fish, just taking pictures with views of white sand, and some are swimming. To travel to Batu Lamampu Beach , you must first cross the sea to Pier Mantikas, West Sebatik District. Nunukan residents can go by boat and ferry, for boat transportation via the Jepun River Port - Binalawan Port while for ferry transportation via the Jepun River Port-Liang Bunyu Ferry Port. For Malaysians usually through the port of Tawau (Malaysia) - Sungai Nyamuk Port while for ordinary Tarakan residents via speedboat and ferry transportation.
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