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Advantages and disadvantages of the latest Blogger responsive display

Recently, blogger has launched a new look responsive that allows bloggers to be accent on mobile quickly, and easy to use but the drawbacks are still many

advantages of this new look for bloggers who use mobile phones can easily do editing Theme / Template on Html edit.
Medium display is very difficult to open edit html. With this new look Editing or adding scripts, CSS etc can be done well and easily on mobile phones.

Change, edit the look of the blog anywhere with a cellphone ... even though it is only the responsive appearance of only certain parts such as statistics and themes, this is already beneficial for those who like the brain or the appearance of the blog on the cellphone ...

Weakness from this new look is still too much as we have already discussed in our master blogger Arlina Dezign that the blogger's new look is still lacking one of them, when editing html and saving or save it will return to the top so it is very difficult and typed in the css search code or the search column script will disappear when we click on one of the codes or open a tap on the browser ... for more details you can read it here / or visit

Hopefully the bloggers can fix this problem as soon as possible so that the bloggers always release their latest music quickly and easily

To activate the new display maybe all of you already know

Likewise to return to the classic look 

That's the first discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the latest responsive blogger appearance. Hopefully it can help hehehe ...
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