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Beware, Do Not Eat Radish Together With "This"

THEBOEGIS.COM – The nutrient content of carrots is very high. It also helps
thin out phlegm, stop coughing. If there are signs of coughing
or flatulence, consumption of fresh radishes is helpful
reduce the signs.

Some people cook turnips with goat meat, chestnut
 (chestnuts), freshwater fish, or any other combination. Its usefulness is even
more than any other dietary supplement or medication. But it's necessary

note, there are specific combinations that are actually dangerous

1. Cannot be consumed with carrots 
Carrots and turnips cannot be consumed in unison. This is because
carrots contain ascorbic acid-breaking enzymes that can damage
vitamin C found in radish.

2. Cannot be consumed with sour fruits 
Radish can't be consumed with sour fruits like apples,
dried and orange, because it can cause swelling on
the thyroid gland and makes the stomach uncomfortable.

3. Cannot be consumed with ginseng 
Radish is a food that includes cold, while
ginseng is a group of foods that take the form of heat. When eaten
in a way together so there will be no usefulness and effect
not good for the stomach.

Don't eat too much pickled radish. Pickled crispy radish
 (crisp) is really good for consumption. Can liven up your appetite
eating and helping make digestion smooth. In progress
making pickled radish, some large amount of salt is combined with radish
to help preserve it so that it can be stored longer.
But resulted throughout this manufacturing system, with easy turnips
contaminated with bacteria that can produce dangerous compounds
like Nitrite.

In fact, turnips and carrots cannot be cooked concurrently 
does not produce benefits for the body. Next time, you can't cook it wrong 
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