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Clean Nic*tine from Your Body with These 5 Ingredients

Read If You Don't Want To Regret ,! Clean Nicotine from Your Body with These 5 Ingredients, See the Results!
In general, people have a very good understanding of the negative effects of nicotine, especially on health. As you know, sm*king can cause atherosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries. This situation is the cause of fatty substances that accumulate in the arteries.

Fat and plaque block the flow of blood and constrict blood vessels to cause heart disease problems. The heart must work harder and put extra pressure to cause the problem referred to angina or chest pain.

If one or more arteries are completely blocked, a heart attack can take place. The more cigarettes sm*ked and the longer a person sm*kes, the more likely it is that the heart disease will develop or suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Therefore, whether you have stopped sm*king, or you are still an active sm*ker, the best thing you can do is cleanse the body of nic*tine, with some fresh, natural and delicious ingredients that give me the quickest way to do it.

1. Spinach and broccoli
Unless it becomes main for metabolism and body changes, folic acid is also useful in clearing nic*tine from the body. Not just tablet form, but folic acid can also enter the body through food, for example, through spinach. Broccoli is also good for consumption because it is full of vitamin C and B5, which cleanses some body tissue cells from nic*tine.

2. Orange juice
Orange juice hydrates the body, provides the necessary vitamins, and cleanses the body of nic*tine. You only need to squeeze two oranges, give a little water and drink it between meals.

3. Kiwi and lemon
Sm*king makes you lose key vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E from the body, while those vitamins play a role in strengthening immunity and helping the body to fight infections and germs. Eat one kiwi every day or drink one glass of lemon juice every morning to supplement the missing vitamins.

4. Fresh carrots
Carrots are rich in vitamins A, C, K and B, and they are the best body cleanser. Carrots can be consumed fresh or squeezed juices, can also be combined with an apple and lemon. Nic*tine destroys the skin, makes it dry and not dull, eat as much carrot as possible to restore the freshness of your skin.

5. Green tea and vitamin water
Sm*king causes loss of fluid in the body and can quickly lead to dehydration. Clean the body of nic*tine by drinking water that contains vitamins or some cups of green tea will be very helpful.
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