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It turns out that it is so extraordinary the benefits behind areca nut

It turns out that it is so extraordinary the benefits behind areca nut
It turns out that it is so extraordinary the benefits behind areca nut - Piang Fruit has no doubt about its benefits as one of the phenomenal fruit because of its very diverse properties. Areca nut has the Latin name Areca catechu and in English this fruit is known as Betel palm or Betel nut tree, this is because Areca is a type of palm that grows in the Pacific, Asia and eastern Africa.

For the last few years, many of the betel nuts have been processed to be fresh juice to take advantage of for their health, especially for male stamina so that they are not easily tired and sluggish after doing a variety of heavy activities. In ancient times, areca nut was widely used as food for several soldiers who were at war. Some soldiers in the past, although they did not often receive food rations, their bodies remained fit and in good spirits due to consumption of betel nuts.

Areca palm (Arecha Catechu) produce areca nut in Javanese language named jambe. What is used from the betel nuts are the fruit seeds. In West, betel nut is meant by betel nut. The active ingredient in areca nut is used as a remedy for intestinal worms especially tapeworms. Other substances contained in this fruit include arecaide, arecolidine, guracine (guacine), guvacoline and some other elements.

Areca benefits include: 

1. Avoid overproduction of blood 
You can use young betel nuts as a medicine in dealing with excessive bleeding problems such as nosebleeds, ulcerations, ulcers, scabies, diarrhea and diarrhea. The trick is by consuming areca nut cooking water regularly.

2. Cure lumbago Benefits of young betel nuts 
Betel leaf is also very useful to cure lumbago, the way is: 
Provide a portion of betel leaves, then mash roughly and warm. Then, crushed areca leaves are compressed on the diseased waist. Do this healing regularly and regularly every night before going to sleep.

3. Cure scabies 
The steps are: 
Take one young betel nut, then grate it. Then mix the grated betel nut with teh teaspoon and 2 cups of water, then stir until all ingredients are well mixed. then give to the sick body part.

4. Cure diphtheria 
The steps are: 
Take 2 young betel nuts and then memarkan, then boiled using 2 cups of water to boiling and only 1 glass remaining. Before drinking, give 1 tablespoon of honey then mix well. Drink regularly 1 time a day.

5. Can reduce uterus
Starting from the beginning, young areca nut seeds are often used as a very useful medicine to help minimize rashes after giving birth. 

The steps are: 
Work the way as a way to cure diphtheria above in a regular way every day until the body recover.

6. Handle dry mouth 
People who betel are generally not dry mouth this kind of thing is caused by the ability of betel nuts that make the salivary glands come out constantly. This saliva will prevent people affected by diseases such as dysentery and Sjogren's syndrome.

7. Strengthen teeth and gums 
Slice off some of the betel nuts and chew the betel nut slices that kind of thing can strengthen teeth and gums.

8. Worm medicine 
Provide a quarter of betel nut, ginger has a size of 1/2 finger, turmeric 1/2 finger ,. All of these ingredients are taken until dead and then filter the water and drink. The water content of this drink can handle intestinal worms. This kind of thing is also used by chicken farms so that the chicken farmers do not have worms and can maintain egg production because it is free of worms.

9. Heal the injured skin 
Looking for flesh that is still young and then mash until smooth, attach the results of this impact to the injured skin. Work in a gradual manner and continue the wound will heal quickly.

10. Nearsightedness 
Chewing areca nut flesh and swallowing the water it can handle farsightedness in the eyes.
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