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Do Not Flush Instant Noodle Stew, Read This IPB Professor's Research! Hopefully this article can be useful

Do Not Flush Instant Noodle Stew, Read This IPB Professor's Research! Hopefully this article can be useful
Many sources mention the dangers of consumption of instant noodles. According to Professor of the Department of Nutrition of the People of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah, there are three myths regarding instant noodles that need to be known, below.

1. Change the boiled water for instant noodles or boil it twice
According to Hardinsyah, replacing instant boiled water is not needed.
He gave that Some instant noodles in Indonesia, the flour already contains folic acid which is good for the body, and that folic acid dissolves in water, so that when it is disposed of automatically we do not get folic acid.

2. The body needs a few days to process instant noodles
Hardinsyah refutes this myth.
According to him, if the body feels energized after eating, it means that the food is processed properly by the body.

And vice versa, if after eating it feels weak, meaning that food can not be processed properly.
He then gave, after eating instant noodles, the body will feel added energy, which means instant noodles can be processed by the body immediately.

3. Eat rice with instant noodles. Good or not?
The answer is not good. Because both rice and instant noodles are both carbohydrates.

Hardinsyah recommends diversifying food consumption, for example, eating instant noodles with eggs and vegetables to balance the consumption of protein and vitamins.

Versus another
As written by German media, dw. de, Thursday (03/12/2015), part of the fact that instant noodles are at risk to the body.

Reduce the Strength of Nutrition Absorption
If you eat instant noodles and after eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit, the body will not be able to absorb all the nutritional content of healthy food.

That's because the instant noodles that you consume, negatively affect the digestive system until some hours after consumption.

Causes of Cancer

Instant noodles generally contain preservatives, antifreeze, and other elements that are carcinogens or can cause cancer.
Moreover, instant noodles are generally packaged in "polystyrene cups" which contain cancer-causing substances, plasticizers and dioxins, and can be mixed into the noodles so they are brewed with hot water.

Excessive Sodium Content
High sodium content can cause kidney stones and other kidney problems. The average sodium content in a packet of instant noodles is getting more than 800 mg.
Being according to the advice of some health experts, the maximum amount of sodium consumption / day is 2400 mg.

So a serving of instant noodles has almost fulfilled 1/2 of the recommended amount of sodium consumption.

MSG Side Effects 

Instant noodles are also rich in MSG (monosodium glutamate) flavoring. Some are allergic to MSG, or have a headache or chest pain after eating instant noodles. Consuming MSG also correlates with other diseases, including cancer.

Contains antifreeze substances
Instant noodles are generally imbued with anti-frozen substances such as propylene glycol which aims to prevent the noodles from drying out.

Consuming antifreeze additives is believed to cause various health possibilities, including liver, heart and kidney problems and can weaken the immune system. (online digest / dw. de)
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