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Do not Use Fans When Sleeping at Night

Beware, Can Kill You If You Continue to Repeat, Avoid ,,! Do not Use Fans When Sleeping Night, The Risk Is Very Dangerous
Using a fan during sleep, especially at night has the possibility that so risky. Moreover, the fan is used in a closed room, it is not good for our health, even the severity of it can result in death.

According to world records, if within a period of 2 years there were at least 20 deaths due to using electric fans for very long. Although in fact there are other aspects of medical mention, but it can not be denied if the use of a fan for a long time can invite death.

That is why in South Korea where people generally use fans that have time settings, so they can play a role to turn off the fan in an automatic way. The Korean people also understand the dangers of using a fan for a long time, even they have faith and call it the "Death Fan".

Then, what are the dangers that result from using fans for a long time?

Bell Palsy's disease 
Paralysis, but not paralysis but paralysis takes place on the face. The face will feel difficult to smile, laugh and there is swelling in the specific face area. This disease is caused by the state of the facial nerve that strikes, because it is attacked by cold temperatures such as a fan constantly.

Reduced Oxygen Supply 
This takes place if we constantly turn the fan right in. The wind that is exhaled by the fan is not completely oxygenated or even there is also carbon dioxide gas. When the wind is always faced to the face so we will have trouble getting enough oxygen supply, even the air we exhale from the nose can return to back and wrestle around the face. Causing the flow of air around our faces is not good.

Water Shortage Agency 
As revealed by Dr. Wendra Ali, a neurologist, said that when we are in a cold room for a long time, our bodies will run out of water. This must be so risky for us, we know that about 70% of our bodies need water consumption. If the fan actually makes the water in the body shrink so it would be at risk not good for the benefits of all our organs.

Dry skin 
Skin problems are not just ongoing because of being stinged by the sun. Room conditions that are too cold are also at risk of not good for skin health, such as the dangers of air conditioning. A very long time using a fan, the impact of lack of water will take place on the body, including the skin. Our skin really needs water content in the blood that flows around the skin.

Rigid Muscles and Pain 
Stiff muscles and pain will also be felt if you get a breeze from the fan for very long. Cold temperatures will reduce the production of lubrication fluids that play a role in strengthening our muscles and joints. So do not be surprised if we sleep with a fan, so when we wake up we feel pain.

Respiratory tract infections 
The fan is just to move the air. No filtering system worked. Because of the air around the space will be blown to our bodies. It will be a danger if our faces get a gust of wind from the fan. Need to know, if there is potential for air that contains bacteria, germs, or even viruses that are inhaled by the nose. The danger of this fan can lead to infections in the respiratory tract, such as asthma.

So Bad Routines 
Our brain regulates the nerves of taste that affect comfort. If we continue to use the fan during sleep so it will create a new routine, it means we will not be able to even sleep without using a fan. The effect is, the danger of the fan getting easier is easier and will not have good quality sleep, because each wake will feel tired and painful.

Body Temperature Decreases 
Body balance is necessary to protect the bustle of immune cells. One of the efforts to regulate body temperature is to sweat. Naturally the body during sleep will sweat, but if you use a fan during sleep will make the skin dry and shrink pores. The effect of sweat inside the body will be so difficult to remove.

Easily hurt 
The state of the body that is easily sick is the impact of the body's metabolism that is not going well. This effect is felt when we are unable to sweat on the body which makes some immune cells more active. Therefore slowing the busyness of the cells, which will make our bodies more susceptible to disease. Especially when we sleep we breathe the air that contains the disease virus, surely our potential to suffer the pain will be even greater.

Out of breath 
This situation takes place because the air we breathe has so little oxygen. As has been revealed in advance, when our faces face the fan so the air flow around the face is so bad, because oxygen will run low and even carbon dioxide will become added. The danger is that we will experience shortness of breath if lack of oxygen supply, which can be the cause of asthma.

Possible Death 
The worst possible chance of the dangers of a fan if we sleep using a fan and is in a closed room with poor air ventilation. Think we are in a confined space so there is no air flow which means that oxygen supply will be so limited. No oxygen inhaled will make us breathe carbon dioxide which will damage our respiratory organs. The worst chance that can last is death if it takes a long time to breathe carbon dioxide.

Tips for Healthy Fan Use 
Do not use a fan in a closed room or one that does not have a good air flow system.
Do not face the fan right in front, because it will greatly affect the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide that is around the face.
When using the fan during sleep, so set a timer to turn it off after 30 minutes. So that you do not use the fan during sleep.
If you do not have a fan with the benefits of a timer, so keep the fan up so it doesn't get attacked immediately to the body, but reduce the power of the fan so the wind isn't too strong.
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