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This Potion Can Fight Deadly Diseases

A simple concoction of cucumber can make health
You woke up well and will avoid some diseases. The step is to soak the slices of cucumber in water for 12 hours, then drink cucumber water

You can save a portion of cucumber slices in a water bottle and then drink it. Active compounds, such as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from cucumbers
mixed with water.
Cucumber water is not just cooling and giving the body freshness, but also offers many health benefits.

Cucumbers are rich in vitamins C, K and vitamin B. Beyond that, cucumbers also contain copper, potassium, manganese and anti-oxidants.
So from now on, giving cucumbers to your drinks makes you self-protective from various diseases and malnutrition. Written from Boldsky, these are some diseases that can be avoided if you regularly consume cucumber water.

1. Brain. 
Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, fisetin contained in cucumbers can protect brain health and reduce inflammation. Cucumber water can prevent damage to the brain by increasing blood flow to the brain.

2. Kidney. 
Cucumbers can reduce the content of uric acid in the body
You can cause gout. Cucumber water is able to get rid of creatinine, which is uric acid and some other waste products that accumulate in the kidneys, thus, it can help your kidneys play a good role.

3. Help fight cancer. 
The high content of anti-oxidants such as pinoresinol and others found in cucumber water, can reduce the risk of some types of cancer. The antioxidant content can prevent free radicals from the body which can cause cell damage and cancer.

4. Reduce bad cholesterol. 
Sterols in cucumber water can help get rid of bad cholesterol from the body. Until it can prevent you from heart disease and high blood pressure. Cucumbers also reduce blood clotting, so there will be no restrictions on blood flow.

5. Clean your body. 
Cucumber water has a detoxifying effect, which will cleanse toxins from your body. Cucumber water also helps your body organs to work more efficiently.

6. Strengthens immunity. 
Vitamins found in cucumber water, such as vitamin C and B complex can help improve your immunity. Vitamin C can accelerate treatment and recovery from disease.

7. Avoiding swelling. 
Cucumber water increases the volume and frequency of urination. This will reduce swelling of the hands and feet caused by water retention.

8. Good for bones and muscles. 
cucumbers can strengthen connective tissue and make your bones healthy. Cucumber water is also rich in silica which is main for the development of connective tissue.

9. Bad breath. 
The content of phytochemcials in cucumber water can kill bacteria in the mouth which can cause bad breath.

10. Good for skin and hair. 
Anti-oxidants in cucumbers that are submerged in water, can make your skin cleaner and fresher.
Both sulfur and silicone in cucumber can help with hair growth.
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