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Don't rush to wash your blood, this is the natural way to wash your kidneys, easy and cheap!

THEBOEGIS.COM - Human kidneys which are used every day to filter toxins and various other impurities over time will shrink the benefits and can even be damaged naturally. Therefore it takes regular maintenance either using the way of modern medicine or maybe in the traditional way for example using the benefits of celery leaves for the kidneys.

One of the benefits of celery leaves is to cleanse our kidney organs, as we recognize that the kidneys work every day without stopping to filter out all the impurities, poisons, and some unused substances after which they are discarded when we urinate. Over time, salt accumulation takes place & requires maintenance & cleaning in a regular & periodic way, at least once a month.
How to clean the kidneys with the benefits of celery leaves are also quite easy, first provide a bunch of fresh celery leaves that have been washed clean, then cut into small pieces.
After that, boil the chopped celery leaves with 1 pan filled with water (+/-
2 liters). Boiling takes 10 minutes.
Then strain and chill. You only need to drink 1 glass of the mixture every day and all the dirt, salt & toxins that accumulate will come out through urine.


When it comes to kidney problems, don't rush to clean blood! 

Here is a guide to overcoming it: 
Small sliced ​​avocado seeds and dry in the sun to dry (like crackers). Then milled until smooth, take the powder and make it like we make coffee or tea. Drink like we drink coffee, 3 times a day. 

Drink until it returns to normal. There is no risk. 

  • After eating watermelon, don't drink milk immediately. 
  • After eating mangosteen, do not drink sugar immediately. 
  • After eating durian do not immediately drink beer and coca cola can stroke. 
  • After eating the pear do not drink the honey immediately as it can be poisoned! 
  • After eating shrimp, don't immediately drink vit C, because vit C + shrimp = arsenic poisoning (arsenic reaction takes place in the shrimp and vit C) 
  • Honey + onion = damage the eyes 
  • Honey + tofu = damage hearing 
  • Honey + soy milk = interferes with digestion & hearing 
  • Honey + tea = interferes with digestion 
  • Honey + crab = poisoning 
  • Honey + pear = causes damage to 5 main organs / dies 
Don't drink grapefruit or grapefruit juice while eating sea food ... it might be calcium citrate ... not good for your kidneys ...

Send to everyone that we care about, hopefully we all live healthy. 
Have a try! 

Another benefit of celery leaves 

Except as a natural kidney cleanser, the benefits of celery leaves can also be used as traditional ingredients to deal with disease problems such as: Lower cholesterol, nourish hair, deal with rheumatism, avoid cancer, cure stomach aches and still
much more.

Celery leaves can also be used for beauty, for example, as an excess oil cleanser on the face. The trick is 3 celery sticks washed and sliced ​​not thickly thin, then brewed in a glass and covered. Use water from brewing celery when going to bed at night by giving celery juice to the face. After dry, rinse your face clean using water plus lime juice.
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