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THEBOEGIS.COM - Please pay careful attention, Instant Noodle Spices Cannot Cook. !!!
A Warning for All of Us If Instant Noodles Cannot Be Cooked Together with the Seasoning, Because MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) When Cooked Above 120C Will Have the Potential to Become Carcinogens, Triggers Cancer ..

Observe Everything Packed with Instant Noodles, Generally the Procedure Cook His Noodles Previously Newly Sown Spices .. Seasonings in Taro in the Bowl First .. So do not let the Noodles and Seasoning Cook,! Danger!!!

From the results of research, often consume instant noodles for 4 days in a row has the potential for Cancer, Myoma, Cysts or Tonsils .. If you do not believe, try to take instant noodle soup / seasoning and then sprinkle on the pot filled with flowers / plants .. Thus yesterday the flower / plant will wither / die ... Applicable on a scale of size (1: 1) ..

Foremost for women .. !! Not recommended to eat spinach and tofu together, because if combined it will make compounds that can cause the formation of stones / cysts in the body .. (Research results of Prof. Dr. Asbudi, SPOG) 

Do not eat cucumbers when ha * d because it can cause blood ha * d left in the uterine wall, after 5-10 days can result in the formation of  CYST and CERVICAL CANCER ..

It would be nice if this information was distributed to some people as a signal of our concern for others .. Avoiding is better than cure ..
If you love your family and colleagues, please share.
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