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Who doesn't know catfish, that one fish is a favorite for some people because it has good taste and has a soft meat structure, but in fact the dirtiest fish catfish, one mouthful contains three thousand cancer cells. Is this true?

Dirty Fish Catfish, One Bribe Contains Three Thousand Cancer Cells, Following the Explanation Catfish is one of the favorite food menus and even in each food stall there is always a menu because the price is quite cheap and tasty can be its own attraction for that one fish. Although tasty and inexpensive, the dirtiest catfish among other types of fish are often consumed by humans. Why so many? The explanation is:

1. Catfish ponds are very dirty and surrounded by chicken coops and pigs 
According to a catfish breeder from China named Zhang Ri-hong, he admitted that he had supplied a lot of catfish to markets and roadside dining establishments in Hainan province, precisely in Haikou, which he harvested 3 months. once.

Because many complaints from people became reporters tracing about the fish from the local fisheries and marine department. Some journalists took pond samples from 7 ponds where the catfish were stored. The seven ponds are surrounded by chicken coops and pigs, while in the pond there are many piles of garbage. Some fish farmers were called to suspend the sale of their fish before the test results came out.

2. Catfish are fish that consume waste 
Catfish is a type of fish that is easy to breed in some dirty places because the fish consumes waste in the form of animal waste such as chickens, cows, and pigs, even this fish can also consume human waste. So it could be that the body of catfish contains three thousand cancer cells that are very risky for the human body.

Some of the information about catfish in China, but in Indonesia the fish have been well cultivated by some catfish breeders and they use pellets as food is not using waste that is very risky for human health. Until the consumption of catfish in Indonesia, there is no doubt about its cleanliness, but as a wise customer we must continue to be alert to the content of the fish and do not need to consume it in large quantities on a regular basis because it can interfere with our health.

Apart from all this, are there any healthy benefits of catfish? in fact that one fish is also delicious except it has substances that are good for human body health.

Here are 4 benefits in catfish: 

1. Healthy heart and brain 
Catfish contain omega-3 and omega-6 which are commonly found in expensive fish such as cod and salmon. The content of omega-3 and omega-6 can help the health of the heart and brain, and in fact a portion of catfish contains 220 mg of omega-3 and 875 mg of omega-6.

2. Has a protein content with good quality 
In a portion of catfish contains 15, 6 grams of protein which is very useful in the formation of muscle tissue and strengthen the immune system.

3. Has vitamin B-12 content 
A portion of catfish contains vitamin B-12, which is about 40% of the body's needs. Vitamins are useful in helping to break down food into power for the body, so that consumption of food can make the body stronger.

4. Has DHA content 
For pregnant women it is recommended to consume catfish because the fish has good DHA content for the formation of baby's nerves and the fish has mercury content that is so low that it is safe for consumption.

Some of the info about the dirtiest fish catfish, one mouthful has three thousand cancer cells, but it turns out this fish can have high nutritional value if properly cultivated.
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