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Unexpectedly Turned out that Dates + Milk is Very Great Usefulness

Milk date juice is one of the servings of processed fruit and milk. Except for the sweet and distinctive taste of palm fruit juice that contains nutrients that are useful for the body. Even the milk palm juice has been proven to have a lot of roles in dealing with various health problems. Iron content in dates is useful for avoiding anemia, while calcium from dates plays a role in ensuring the development of bones and teeth can run optimally

Beyond that Milk Dates juice is very good for increasing power and making milk smooth when fasting. This drink can be very suitable for acute gastric acid patients especially during fasting.

There are many more benefits of this milk date juice. A myriad of benefits for health: 

  • Can handle insomnia problems or insomnia. 
  • Handling weak muscles, aches and lethargy. 
  • Cough cough with natural methods. 
  • Get rid of itching in the esophagus. 
  • Reduce the expenditure of white blood cells. 
  • Treat colonic pain. 
  • Stimulate a person's appetite. 
  • Educating the brain by strengthening memory. 
  • Provides adult sexual power. 
  • Speed ​​up children's development. 
  • Make smooth circulation of blood to the body. 
  • Help reduce bleeding during childbirth. 

For how to make milk palm juice as follows: 
Material : 
7 dates, remove seeds (for 1 amount)
drinking water
uht / pasteurized milk as needed

The steps: 
Soak the dates which have been thrown in the drinking water until they cover the surface of the top dates for 1 night (from evening until dawn) - I soak them in the refrigerator so they cool
the time of dawn, pour the dates that have been soaked with water immersion. Add uht milk as needed.
juice until smooth.
drink after a meal.

 "Since drinking this, there has not been too much weakness, breast milk is smooth even though Malikah is very strong to drink until breaking the fast"

 "In-laws who used to hardly fast due to acute gastric acid, were able to fast FULL because drinking this milk date juice is biidznillah ...

To the point that Zaujy is also addicted to make because of his amazing properties. Energy booster! Making it like making nabeez but with a little twist "
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