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If You Don't Want to Get Disease, !! Immediately Avoid the Following 5 Foods.

If You Don't Want to Get Disease, !! Immediately Avoid the Following 5 Foods.
THEBOEGIS.COM - Just like some foods that are not good for our bodies, some of the foods below also present important disasters on the health of planet Earth.
In fact, many foods that are not good for us are also not good for the Earth.

With the consumption of these five foods, it can create a major crisis on our planet, and each one of these foods can potentially terrorize human health.
The best choice is to consume pure and organic food. And here are five foods that are not good for health and not good for the well-being of planet Earth.

1. Fast food. 
Using fast food packages, show surprising numbers. From straws, wrappers, boxes, bags, plastic spoons and forks and so on. Organization
Waste in California reports that, control of fast food waste in Austin, Texas in 2012 showed that 85% that is disposed of in a place where garbage cannot be recycled or made into compost.

This problem is not just going on in Austin. Some researchers at
Hong Kong also found that the emissions of glass-dwelling gases produced from the manufacture of fast food cheese throughout the year are parallel to the emissions produced in 6, 5 and 19, 6 sports vehicles.

2. Processed food. 
Like fast food, processed foods also use large quantities of packages, such as paper and plastic, which always end up in the trash.
Some large processed foods also contain palm oil. To produce palm oil, around 30 square miles of forest were destroyed in some countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where 85% of the world's palm oil originates.

Except for damaging trees and plant species, several hundred species of animals also lost their homes. Making palm oil is the biggest cause of deforestation in the world, as well as putting our rainforest in danger.

3. Sugar. 
In 2004 the World Wildlife Fund reported that sugar became one of the causes for the loss of biodiversity of other plants. Every year, 145 million tons of sugar are produced throughout the world, this is meaningful, except for endangering our health, sugar also contributes to the earth. The World Wildlife Fund summarizes, "sugar cultivation and processing is at risk of not being good for the environment, such as loss of natural habitat, intensive use of water, heavy use of agro-chemicals, waste pollution and air pollution. This can result in the degradation of wildlife, soil, air and water . "

4. White bread. 
The processing system for converting wheat flour to white flour is so detrimental to the environment, both power, resource use and chemical release. During processing, flour is bleached using benzoyl peroxide, potassium bromate and chlorine dioxide gas. These three chemicals can be fatal to humans and animals when ingested, and can also damage the organ system when inhaled in large enough quantities or come into contact with the skin.

5. High fructose corn syrup. 
Monoculture corn which is planted to produce high-fructose corn syrup, is generally modified by genetic means and can use nutrients in the soil.
To plant it the opportunity will use fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
One of the most commonly used herbicides on maize is atrazine, which can convert male frog hormones, 75% of them cannot reproduce and 10% actually turn into females, according to a study by the California, Berkeley Campus in 2010. About 80 million pounds of herbicides are produced and used annually in the United States, especially in corn and wheat.

This results in an imbalance of frogs' sex types and potentially getting rid of frog populations.
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