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If You Have a Headache (Migraine) !! Do not panic

If You Have a Headache ((Migraine)) !! Do not panic
Migraine is an annoying disease, because it can turn your day into a disaster. Migraine patients often have problems finding out how
heal and get rid of the signs and pain they suffer.

The worst thing about this disease is that some types of migraine cannot recover with only common painkillers.
However, there is something else that can help you deal with migraines by using natural ingredients. This natural material, so cheap and always guaranteed to be in each place of residence. Natural ingredients are salt.

If you decide to use salt to stop the pain caused by migraines, there are some things you need to recognize. First, make sure to use salt that has been popular in the world.

The salt is the Himalayan crystal salt, which has been proven scientifically as the best salt, with a composition that is so rich in minerals, elements and electrolytes.
There are 118 elements known in current knowledge, and this type of salt contains 84 elements.

This type of salt will not only reduce pain, but will also make our immune system stronger by balancing the production of the hormone referred to as serotonin, which will also give you power. Another benefit of this salt is that it increases electrolytes and bases in our body system so that it remains in a balanced condition.

Steps to use it is also very easy. Just pour the lemon juice in a glass, give it a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt into it and drink it.
This drink will react very quickly. If you want to consume it in a smaller size, just use 1/2 lemon juice and give 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt.
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