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Cancer Will Disappear when You Eat These 7 Foods

Cancer Will Disappear when You Eat These 7 Foods
Cancer Will Disappear when You Eat These 7 Foods - Some health portals have reviewed these foods that can stop cancer cells and their changes. Even so, many scientists are
convey, some of these foods have the added effect of chemotherapy.

These seven foods can cut off the blood supply that leads to some cancer cells or have antiangiogenesis character.

What is angiogenesis? This is a system of creating blood vessels in the body, and the system varies in specific periods of life.
Angiogenesis is so detrimental to your body. Therefore, to control angiogenesis, you can consume some of the foods below. In this way, we can stop the changes in cancer cells.

1. Tomato. 
Research results show, people who consume tomato sauce (cooked tomatoes) more 4 times a month, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer up to 50%.
Tomato is high in lycopene (anti-angiogenic). Lycopene in tomatoes will increase when there is under high temperatures.

2. Turmeric. 
Turmeric is a super food that has the power to deal with cancer and burn fat.

3. Red wine. 
Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant found in the skin of red grapes that is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and can prolong life.

4. Green tea 
The benefits of green tea have certainly been familiar to you. Unless you can lose weight, green tea is also thought to be a substitute drink for chemotherapy.

5. Blueberries and 6. Raspberries. 
The dark colors of blueberries and raspberries come from phytochemicals that can protect against various diseases (such as red wine), reduce oxidative impulses and stop angiogenesis. These two fruits are the main weapons in the fight against ovarian cancer.

7. Dark chocolate. 
Dark chocolat is so beneficial to protect heart health, change the situation of your heart to get better and fight bad cells including cancer.
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