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The kidneys excrete excessively, the kidney also helps protect water when the body needs more water. Kidney armpits have a problem for sure the kidneys will not be able to move the benefits properly. Foods have a major influence on kidney health such as stay away from preserved foods, processed foods such as sausages and other foods. The recommended foods are cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, apples and so on.

With the exception of food, lifestyle and routine also have an influence on our kidney health. There are many routines that can cause damage to your kidneys. Surely you should avoid the routine so that your kidneys do not have a problem. These are the 4 routines that you need to stay away from to keep your kidneys healthy.

1. Eat lots of salt 
Eating too much salt can cause kidney damage. Metabolic kidneys are 95 percent ie sodium consumed through food. When you consume excessive salt, the kidneys will work hard to remove the salt. This will ultimately reduce the ability of the kidneys, causing water retention. Water retention causes blood pressure to ultimately lead to kidney failure.

2. Hold urination for a long time 
Holding back urine is not good for our kidney health. A full bladder for a long time can cause damage to our kidneys. The time urine is in the bladder for a long time causes bacteria to multiply in the urine. This will result in urinary tract infections or kidney infections. Beyond that maintaining urine in the bladder or holding urine can cause kidney damage which in turn results in kidney failure and incontinence.

3. Use of pain medication 
The use of pain medication is also not good for your kidneys. Analgesics or pain medications can cause damage to the kidneys. Analgesics will reduce blood flow to the kidneys and worsen the benefits of the kidneys. The use of pain medication over a long period of time will cause acute renal failure or critical kidney disease known as corneal interphisial nephritis.

4. Drink less water 
Drinking water is the best step to prevent our body from dehydration. When our bodies are dehydrated, many of our body cells will die. Likewise for the kidneys, when the body is deficient in kidney fluid will be disrupted. We are advised to drink as much as 8 glasses of water a day, for adults an amount of 10 to 12 glasses a day.
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