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Only with 3 minutes, this trick will eliminate the total headache

THEBOEGIS.COM – Have you ever felt a headache? Yups, most headaches that are not serious and can be treated easily, such as by taking pain medication, drinking enough water, and getting more rest.

But is this the only way? Need to know there are many types of headaches that require more treatment due to prolonged or even some that can endanger lives.

Headaches have no specific time periods, can run for less than an hour or even throughout the day and can be seen through sudden or slow steps.

causes of headaches can be caused by various things, but usually headaches can be classified based on the trigger, which is headaches that are not related to other diseases or referred to as primary headaches and headaches due to other diseases or also referred to as secondary headaches.

Have You Try That Step? 

It's possible that it's still unfamiliar to hear in people's ears, 

but believe not believe in how to eradicate the headaches, including effective.

The step we are doing here is massaging the muscles of the head and neck as soon as possible. Such steps will accelerate and increase blood flow in the room that has problems and other effects can also ease stress.

Massage with a towel is a way that is so effective to stimulate blood flow in the head and neck that can help ease the pain that is attacked.

Beyond that, massaging the head is a procedure that is so exciting, you can feel it yourself later.

First, what you need is a towel that isn't too thin. If you already have the towel, now roll this towel (by spinning it in a spiral way) until it is solid enough. Next place it on your forehead and press it firmly. Do it like a general massage procedure.

While still holding the towel in a solid position, move it to the head, neck and shoulders. repeat the procedure with a rhythm and slowly unroll the towel so that the massage is optimal.

Repeat the massage for at least 3 s / d 5 minutes. In a relatively short time, you will feel the pain begin to shrink.

If the massage is not giving any changes in a better direction, it means that the headaches you have suffered are chronic.

It is necessary to recognize how it would be better combined with added therapy, such as drinking a cup of mint tea.

Mint tea has such a soothing effect on blood vessels. Such a thing would mean an effect on the headache that will heal. Have a try!
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