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The Use of Eggshells as a Pest Repellent and as a Fertilizer ,! Please Read And Understand Hopefully This Article Is Useful And Useful.

In fact chicken eggshells have many benefits. As published by Unicity, consider the following.
Exterminating Rats, Cockroaches and Ants
The Use of Eggshells as a Pest Repellent and as a Fertilizer ,! Please Read And Understand Hopefully This Article Is Useful And Useful.

The steps:
Dry and grind the egg shell. Then, you just grind it to crush it into powder or powder.
Then, sprinkle this eggshell powder immediately on the pest that you encounter in the garden where you live.

Eggshell powder can repel and kill some types of pests, such as snails, snails, molluscs, fleas, beetles, mice, cockroaches and ants.
If attacked by egg shell powder, the pest will immediately stretched.
They will move around for a while, turn around and eventually die.
Pest pests on plants
Sprinkle powdered eggshell leaves of your favorite plants that have been damaged by pests.
This can be one of the ways to use egg shells for pest control.
The pest will move away from the leaf and kill other pests attached to the leaf.
Beyond that, sprinkle powdered eggshells around the soil surface of your plants.
When it rains, sprinkle the powder again to keep the pests away from your plants.
Regulate Plant Pests
Eggshells contain calcium which can be the main enemy of plants such as snails, white pests and some other types of pests.
You can use eggshells as a medium to grow plants, how to:
• Punch holes in the eggshell and place it in the soil
• Then fill the egg shell with the soil and add the flower seeds, fruits or vegetables
• Plants will flourish without being disturbed by plant pests.
• This is because pests generally do not like the effects and smell of eggshells.
This kind of thing happens because the egg shell has a cuticle arrangement is the outermost arrangement that has a 10 µm thickness and pore duct.
And the role of making the protection of eggs from moisture and microorganisms.
As well as assisting the exchange of gas into the egg.
Composition of Chemical Compounds in Chicken Egg Shells
The eggshell is a calcareous arrangement that makes up 9-12% of the total egg weight.
Eggshells are composed of approximately 94% calcium carbonate, 1% magnesium carbonate, 1% calcium phosphate, and 4% organic matter especially protein.
Handling problems with blocked waterways
Sometimes we often experience problems with waterways, which is blocked to interfere with our busy life.
And as we recognize the treatment is also by piercing the channel so that the dirt that clogs can flow smoothly.
Now, on the other hand there is a unique way to smoothen obstructed waterways by using a definite eggshell.
Rinse the egg whites until they are powdered, then pour in the blocked channels, and let overnight, tomorrow, be sure the well-drained drainage has returned.
You can also give a little vinegar for optimal results.
It turns out egg shell is rich in calcium. So, the eggshell can be destroyed by itself and spread on the ground to become fertilizer that has a high calcium content needed by plants.
The way is to melt the shell into small pieces, then sprinkle it in the space to be planted.
Eggshells contain various types of mineral types. You can use an eggshell to fertilize the soil, the way to do it is:
• Melt the egg shell until it becomes softer
• Put egg shells into pots and cover with soil
• Plants such as fruit, vegetables or flowers can be very fertile.
Organic pesticides
In cooking, of course we want to produce food that is hygienic and safe for health.
Also, not many people repeatedly clean vegetables and fruits with water.
Well, in fact egg shells have the benefits to clean vegetables and fruits, beyond that vegetables and fruits will not be damaged, because egg shells can repel pests, such as snails, flies or caterpillars.
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