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Some people think that home-based food is healthier than food you need to buy at restaurants or outside the home. Because of home-cooked food, cleanliness is definitely awakened and cooked in the right way.

But make no mistake, except for aspects of cleanliness and cooking methods, the determination of food ingredients must also be considered. This is because, there are many foods that you might consider healthy, in fact poisonous and even deadly.

Like the following five foods. These foods are very close to everyday life, maybe even it might always be in your kitchen. But, who knows, these foods can actually bring disaster if you consume. Any food?

1. Klembak. 
Klembak leaves contain oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones. Consumption of around 5 kg of vegetables can be fatal, but consumption in small amounts can also cause serious problems.

2. Nutmeg. 
Hallucinogenic nutmeg, consumption of 5.5 grams can cause cramps, while 8 kg can cause seizures. Even if you only consume one nutmeg, it can cause psychosis.

3. Potatoes. 
How many times have you bought potatoes with green skin? Green-skined potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, compounds that can cause diarrhea, coma and even death, which can be found on the skin of green potatoes and germinating potatoes.

4. Almonds. 
There are two types of almonds, sweet and bitter. Bitter almonds contain large amounts of hydrogen cyanide. Within 7-10 days this type of almonds can cause serious problems in adults and can be fatal for children.

5. Tuna. 
Tuna is risky because the meat can absorb mercury, and when mercury is ingested through food, it will change the kidneys and even reach the brain, where it can do a lot of damage. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that pregnant women and children be better off avoiding tuna.

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