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This Trick Is Proven To Relieve Stiffness, Reduce Body Weight And Can Get Rid Of Stress By Pressing This Body Part

THEBOEGIS.COM – Squeezing is the side of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that uses fingers at specific power points to get rid of stress, pain, to body weight. This method might be an alternative for health without having to go to the doctor. You can do it anywhere and at any time.

As taken healthy foodoodam. com This technique has been used for more than 5,000 years by Asian people for non-conventional medical care. At least there are various types of pressure that you can apply, including shiatsu massage and muscle squeezing.

And the most common is to squeeze the side of the face and head because that side has several sensitive areas with the presence of many nerve endings that can soothe the body while removing stress.

The steps you need to do are: 

Press the side of the hand 
Squeezing the side of your hand can bring you more calm when in a state of anxiety. You can use your fingers to squeeze or pat the underside of your pinky. Repeat three times to increase feelings of relaxation.

Press the side of the eyebrows 
Touch the dot on the inner edge of your eyebrows, where hair starts to grow. You can select facets near the head. If you worry about time, you can squeeze that side for ten seconds to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling.

Press the outer side of the eye 
Touch the dot in the outer corner of the eye on the lower bone of your eyebrow. You can do that on both sides of your head. This technique can reduce anxiety.

Press the lower side of the nose 
Touch the dot between the bottom of your nose and the top of your lips. You can express all types of fear that descend within you so that your level of worry decreases.

Press the side of the chin 
Put pressure on the point below your lower lip in the fold of your chin for ten seconds. This will reduce the doubts and fears you feel.

Press the sides of the collarbone 
Press down on the two facets of your s3l4ngk4ng4n fingers using fingers for ten seconds. This method will work to get rid of the discomfort you feel.

Press the lower side of the arm 
Put pressure on the arms about two inches from the armpit using your hands. This technique will minimize the pain you feel.

Press the side of the crown of the head 
It's the same with pressure in the collarbone. The pressure you exert on the crown of the head also works to get rid of those annoying discomforts.

The way you just saw is a strategy to stabilize your feelings. The technique is the side of EFT, which expresses feelings and emotions to release power blockages that interfere with your health.
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