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These 10 Foods Contain the Most Dangerous Toxins, !! Hopefully this article can be useful and useful for you.

Food is a resource for the body. Can you think about if you do not eat, or just eat late for a while, surely your body will weaken and your brain can not think clearly.

But with the prerequisites, the food you consume must also be healthy, which can truly benefit all your organs. Not like the ten foods below.
A study group said, often consuming some of these foods can endanger your well-being, and even risk of death. And here are 10 poisonous foods.

1. Sugar
Sugar is often mistaken for number one enemy. Sugar is the main argument that triggers diabetes and obesity. Sugar also is not good for the liver, pancreas and digestive system. Sugar can interfere with the nervous system up to 50% every time you consume it. But remember, not all sugar is risky. The natural sugar found in honey and fruits is very beneficial for the body, if consumed in normal amounts.

2. Flour 
It may be that flour does not seem to be at risk, but when you enter your body, the effect of flour is the same as sugar. Flour can put pressure on the pancreas and cause an unbalanced insulin level.

3. Milk 
Are you surprised by this kind of thing? Yes, we are often advised to consume milk so that our bones are strong, but nutrition expert Patrick Holford said, as we age, we lose the power to process lactose, the main component in milk. This causes milk can cause food intolerance, bloating, giving acid to the body and cause inflammatory diseases.

4. Fast food 
That is food that is provided in a short time, the cause of the food is very bad for the body. Especially processed meat that contains sodium and fats.

5. Processed meat. 
American Institute for Cancer Research found, consumption of processed meat is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer.

6. Given 
Donuts are made from several ingredients that are not even healthy, such as white sugar, trans fat and flour. That is a very risky combination, not just for body shape but for your heart health as well. Beyond that, consumption of sugar and trans fat increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease in important ways.

7. Potato chips 
Potato chips are high in fat and salt, which means they contain large amounts of sodium. Sodium is responsible for increasing blood pressure and cholesterol content, which results in an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Cancer Science magazine published a study in 2005 and revealed that consuming foods high in salt can cause stomach cancer.

8. Soda 
The drink does not contain some ingredients that are useful for your body. And what's worse, soda is abundant in chemicals and sugar, which can reduce the level of supplements in your organs. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention published a study which showed that drinking soda for one week could double the danger of pancreatic development.

9. Margarine 
Margarine is processed fat and filled with trans fat that cannot be processed by the body. This will increase cholesterol and cause damage to blood vessels.

10. Canned soup 
Canned food is abundant in salt. Although canned soup is often touted as a healthy food, it actually has up to 890 milligrams of sodium. When too much sodium is added to the body, this will put pressure on the heart and increase blood pressure which is at risk of causing a heart attack.
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