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These 6 Foods Have 6000 Worms in Them

These 6 Foods Have 6000 Worms in Them
For most people, it's possible to really like eating foods in raw conditions. Because it is felt they can get all the ingredients that are in food to nourish the body.

But everything from the type of food that is there, not necessarily like what was thought. In fact, it can also be the opposite, which is the consumption of some types of food in raw conditions, can also endanger the body and make some organs also have quite fatal problems.

As well as some types of food, in fact there are still up to 6000 worms in it. There is a problem, there is a daughter named Xiao Yan, experiencing headaches for 6 months. And it turns out after the doctor checked the condition of this woman, the doctor also found that a worm was swimming in his brain organ. Until the doctor learned afterwards about the trigger. And after that the doctor also gave information that the chance Xiao Yan often consume meat or maybe raw vegetables that have worms in it. Until after that the worm eggs enter the digestive tract into the brain tissue through the blood in the body.

And you need to recognize, if there are many types of food that cannot be consumed raw. This is all because in some foods it has a lot of parasites in it, from there it can endanger your health.

following eating there are 6000 worms in it. . . . 

  1. Snail 
  2. Steak cooked 1/2 cooked 
  3. Crayfish 
  4. Conch 
  5. Lamb chops 
  6. Freshwater fish 

When worms enter the human body, the worms can try to penetrate the digestive wall through the blood vessels. After that the worm will find a comfortable place to live on the human body. Therefore, never eat raw food. Which is some of the foods above and types of vegetables, it is better to cook first until really cooked.
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