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Be careful, Using Salt in this way can kill you

Be careful, Using Salt in this way can kill you
Share for some women who generally cook in the kitchen (If you are a male, please pass on to women around you). 

Generally the way we use salt when cooking is to put salt into cooking when cooking is BOILING / HEAT. This will cause salt to be toxic / toxic. If salt is cooked in the manner above, salt will cause it to be acidic and the longer it will endanger health and invite various diseases, beyond that the iodine content in the salt will disappear.

The correct way to use salt: 
Cook the food you want to cook until it's done. Example: Vegetables
Add salt in the dish if the water has gradually warmed.

- Cook food without salt!
- At mealtime, prepare a bowl of salt and sprinkle on the food you want to consume according to each taste.

Various diseases that are thought to arise due to salt such as heart signs and high blood pressure are the result of using the wrong salt. Salt is a mineral that the body needs. When used properly salt has many benefits, including:

Cure MORE than 70 diseases
Don't naturally die suddenly.


Although there are many benefits as well as medicine, if you consume too much salt, it will not be good. Show the ones below:

1. Take one glass of water. 
Then the drops with fresh blood (human) so the water can become red because the blood is mixed evenly without any stirring. Summary of water is good for our bodies / blood.

2. The glass is filled with salt water, 
dripped with fresh blood, stirred, still not mixed evenly / well, it appears that the blood is clotted small and thick. In summary, very much salt, the blood becomes thick and causes blockage in the blood vessels. The heart must work harder to pump it and cause high blood pressure and stroke bias and many other diseases.

3. Glasses filled with alcohol, dripped with blood. 
Immediately mixed, but over time the blood turned brown. Meaning that the blood is damaged. Summary: a lot of alcohol has died from drinking so much alcohol, especially mixed to make it cheap.

Please share this information with several women as our concern for others, whether we are mothers, wives, our daughters, or female friends who often cook in the kitchen. Share this so that they are concerned when using the salt of time
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