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These Causes and Symptoms of Uterus Cancer

These Causes and Symptoms of Uterus Cancer
Uterus cancer or also called uterine cancer is one of the diseases most feared by some women. Uterine cancer is a malignant tumor in the endometrium (the deepest composition of the uterus, the attachment of the ovum or fertilized egg). Uterine cancer is the leading cause of death for women number 4 worldwide. Generally uterine cancer attacks women who have aged 45-65 years. and does not often attack young women, but that does not mean friends of some young women relax and do not care. There are also many young women who develop uterine cancer, so we must also be vigilant to find out what are the causes and signals of uterine cancer to prevent or treat early. Nahhh to know that we will give some explanation about the causes and signs of cervical cancer sign m. That explanation.

Causes and signals of uterine cancer

  1. Frequent mutually partner
  2. Work on braiding the body at a young age
  3. Have many children
  4. Good business habits
  5. Lack of consuming vitamins
  6. Like sprinkling powder on the genitals
  7. Recklessly using antiseptics
  8. Low fat diet

From the causes that I have said above there are also many women who have a high likelihood of developing cervical cancer m. There are many facets that cause them to have a high chance of developing cancer.
It's a woman who has a high risk of developing cervical cancer

  1. 450 year old woman. upward
  2. Women who like to consume foods that cause cancer, such as foods with preservatives, or foods that contain chemicals
  3. Obesity or women who are overweight
  4. Women who have diabetes or high blood pressure
  5. Women who experience menstruation at the age of 12 years
  6. Women who don't have children
  7. Women who have polycystic ovary disease.

after a close friend knows the cause of uterine cancer, close friends from now on should stay away from what we have said above, but if a close friend has already done a lot of busyness above it is good for close friends to be more alert and recognize the sign of uterine cancer for initial treatment .
That's a sign of cancer

  • - Bleeding outside when the head is excessive
  • - Lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain
  • - Exit white or clear fluid in postmenopausal women
  • - Pain or distress when traveling
  • - Abnormal menstrual cycles
  • - Appear pain when husband and wife relationship
  • - Digestive disorders
  • - Constipation or replacement of the BAB habit is no reason
  • - Loss of appetite or fullness quickly
  • - Limp and ongoing lethargy
  • - Pain when urinating

How about friends, if a close friend experiences the sign of the signal above, a good close friend immediately goes to the closest doctor, because some of the sign signals are also signs of other diseases. Thus information about cancer ra hi m. Hopefully what we have shared is useful and thank you.
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