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This is the best way of first aid in stroke with the needle method

This is the best way of first aid in stroke with the needle method
As is known, people who get a stroke all the blood in the body will flow very fast to the blood vessels in the brain. If the relief activity is given just a little late, so the blood vessels in the brain will not be able to withstand the flow of blood that flows swiftly and will soon break a little for a little.

First Aid In Stroke 

There is one of the best ways to give first aid to people who have had a stroke. This method can save the life of the patient, also does not cause any side effects. The first aid is borne by "Critical Emergency" assistance that can be 100% God willing.

The Way Is As: 
In the face of these conditions the family must never worry, but must be calm. The patient must continue to be in the original place where he fell (eg, in the bathroom, bedroom, or wherever). DON'T BE MOVED !!! Because by moving the patient from the initial place will accelerate the division of fine blood vessels in the brain.

Patients must be helped to take a good sitting position so as not to fall again, and at this time blood can be done. For the best use injection syringes, but if not, then the NEEDLE SEWING / NEEDLE / PENISI can be used by first sterilizing by burning on fire.

As soon as the needle is sterile, work on the PUNCTURE at 10 CORS. The point of insertion is approximately 1mm from the tip of the nail. Each finger is enough to be pierced 1 perhaps with the hope of each finger to remove 1 drop of blood.

Elimination of blood can also be helped by squeezing if the actual blood does not come from the fingertips. In a period of about 10 minutes, the patient will immediately regain consciousness.

If the patient's mouth looks wilted or abnormal, so BOTH LEAF EYES the patient MUST BE INTERESTED until it turns reddish. Then do 2 TIMES of PUSPING on each of the UNDERWEAR EARS TILES until blood drops 2 drops from each end of the earlobe. With this in a matter of minutes the shape of the sufferer's mouth will return to normal.

After the patient's condition has healed and there are no significant abnormalities, so take the patient carefully to the doctor or nearest hospital for further assistance.
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