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This Is the Result If You Cannot Remove from the Cell Phone

This Is the Result If You Cannot Remove from the Cell Phone
This 25-year-old woman feels a small bulge near her ear when she cleans her face, and is hard.

Because of his indifference, 2 months ago the lump was getting bigger and bigger and in the end he went to the hospital to do the control. The doctor sentenced him to suffer from salivary gland cancer.

"I call ria at 9 o'clock to the top of the night, because the phone at night of course there are discounts. Phone with a boyfriend for more than 2 hours until my cellphone is hot, the next morning contact several clients. Everything I do with hp. For the past 5 years I have changed 7 cellphones. "

Some people who use cell phones for long periods of time, those who have a high likelihood of suffering from salivary gland cancer. Here are the results of researchers from each country, hopefully we can awaken us all.

1. Storing Cellphone Under the Pillow, Disrupting the Brain Nervous System
Radiation on cellphones is risky for the brain and attacks the benefits of our brain's nervous system, making us headaches, dizziness, insomnia, many have dreams, fall out, and others.
2. Storing Cellphone In Front Of The Chest, Causing Heart Disease And Endrokin's Subscription
Electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones affects our cell metabolism, causes problems with potassium, calcium, natirum, and ions in our bodies, and interferes with menstruation in women.

3. Putting a cellphone in a pants pocket, influencing the reproductive system, even changing DNA
If the cell phone is often hung or brought near the waist and hips, radiation will attack sperm cells or eggs when we receive a sign that is very likely to affect the reproductive system of the cellphone user. DNA in sperm cells and human eggs may just be switched if attacked by radiation for a long period of time.

4. Research in Germany has found success, eye cancer caused by the use of mobile phones so that it adds an amount of 3 times from the beginning.
People who use cellphones in reading and searching, are vulnerable to eye diseases.

There are ways without a scientific basis and certainly not efficient:

Inefficient Ways 1: Paste Your Cellphone With Anti-Magnetic Stickers
Cell phone radiation came from the antenna, while an anti-magnetic sticker was attached to the microphone, is this efficient?

Inefficient Way 2: Take Care With Plastic Cashing
Radiation on cellphones is not affected by plastic or metal cashing, although in plastic cashing there is one metal structure.

These Are Some Other Efficient Ways:
Step 1: Keep Away from the Head When Receiving Phone The signal when the telephone comes in is the time - the time we hp emit the strongest radiation. To protect ourselves when receiving a telephone, it is better if we avoid our heads when the telephone comes in.

Method 2: Brief Solid And Bright. Reduce when using cellphones for phone calls, as well as when using cellphones / day. Limit your calls to 1-2 hours / day.

Method 3: Avoid phone calls. Call and receive telephone calls with cellphones, of course the radiation received is also different. Radiation when we call is far greater than when we received a telephone.

Method 4: Use Left and Right Ears By Exchange

Step 5: Reduce Calling in Weak Signal Areas When the signal on our cellphone is weak, explaining if our cellphone is far from the signal source, therefore our cellphones will radiate even greater radiation to get the signal.

Method 6: Try to Use the Headset When Receiving a Phone It is reserved for people who frequently call for a long period of time to use a headset. We can reduce radiation emission to our brain if our cellphones are separated by 30 cm / more.

Method 7: Do not call when the battery is weak

Method 8: Don't Call When Charging

Step 9: Don't Put Your Cellphone Under the Pillow While Sleeping

Starting now, use your cellphone the right way
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