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Diabetes, uric acid, kidney, heart and Lever disease can be cured with breadfruit leaves

The presence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases is increasingly sought after. The benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be alternatives to cure health problems without any expensive costs.

The steps to process breadfruit leaves into natural ingredients are not the same depending on the type of problem a person has. Do not let the wrong process because it can have a bad risk for your health.

Unless the fruit can be consumed as a snack of chips, the breadfruit tree also stores a million benefits on its leaves. Generally, herbal medicines have basic ingredients that are processed by boiling the leaves and then drinking the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then immediately drunk or added some other herbal ingredients.

What Breadfruit Leaves Are Useful For Health? 

Benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat diseases have risks such as kidney, gout to diabetes can be seen from the content in it. Some natural substances such as hydrosinic acid, tannins, riboflavin, acetylcolin are useful for fighting against sources of risky disease.

The last time a modern study was handled by a researcher from China, the results of the study found the fact that the benefits of breadfruit leaves are so beneficial for the cardio healing system! 0v4skular.

Benefits of Breadfruit Leaves for Various Medicinal Herbs 

Useful for treating gout 

Determine fresh leaves that are not hollow, smooth and clean using a cloth if the surface is dirty. Clean the leaves and then cut into pieces and then dried by drying or aerating. The benefits of dried breadfruit leaves can cure gout steps provided

15 grams of dried leaves, one handful of muscle greges (bibitung) leaves, honey or modest sugar cubes and 1 cup of boiling water.

Benefits of breadfruit leaves for kidneys 

Drinking decoction of leaves regularly accompanied by prayers to the almighty might be an herbal medicine to cure kidney pain. The key is discipline in consuming breadfruit herbal ingredients every day. Do not forget to determine the best leaves, which are fresh, not hollow, free of dirt.

Benefits of breadfruit leaves for the heart 

If you want your body to be fit and can work in a maximum way, take care of your heart health from now on. But if you are suffering from heart disease, try herbal medicines made from breadfruit leaves. Set leaves that are old and still attached to the tree. Clean using running water then dry in the sun to dry.

Steps to process: boil together five cups of boiling water until the water is half. Give more water until it reaches a volume of five glasses. Benefits of breadfruit leaf decoction water only lasts one day so it must be needed that day in other words also cannot be stored for tomorrow.

Benefits of breadfruit leaves for diabetes 

Provide three pieces of dark green leaves, try to still stick to the branches of trees. Clean in running water, chop then dry in the sun to dry. Prepare a container and then fill two liters of clean water. Strive for containers made of clay pottery, but if there is no use of stainless steel pans. Boil the dried breadfruit leaves earlier in the container provided.

Wait until the water remains half. Then give one liter of clean water and boil again until half. Cool, drink regularly everyday to treat diabetes and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Benefits of breadfruit leaves for lever disease 

Steps to process: take old leaves and clean them thoroughly. Then, boil with modest water until it is dark red. Wait until it cools down, drink 2 drops of breadfruit boiled water in a day, several mornings and several evenings
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