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This is the best sleep position for your health

Sleep is one of the regular activities handled by each human being. With the basic intention of resting physically and mentally after a full day of doing various jobs that are draining one's energy and mind. It is inconceivable, if our sleep activities are disturbed or experience various health problems.

One of them, the ignorance of someone about a good sleeping position for health. Then, what is the best sleeping position for health ... ????

The correct sleeping position will make our sleep more quality and better for your health. Until the activities that we do in the morning can run smoothly.

Some of the benefits we can get with a good sleeping position are minimizing pain in the neck and back when I wake up, both for the health of the nervous system and the health of your spine.

These health opportunity opportunities will feature articles about the best sleeping position for your health. Health tips,

These sleep positions are best for your health: 

First, one of the best sleeping positions for your health is the tilted position. Through the way, position the hips and knees bent around 45 degrees.

In this case, you also need a pillow under your neck. Until your face and head are in a balanced position with your body.

Second, the best sleeping position for your health is the supine position. In a way, give one of the same pillows as those placed on the head and under your knees.

This has the intention, so that the position of your head is more balanced with your body and your hips are more flexible and your knees can shoulder the pressure coming from the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine.

That's all the health tips that cover the best sleeping position for health. Hopefully useful and useful for all readers.
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  • Aorlin
    Aorlin 04 February, 2020 18:24

    Thanks for sharing sir.

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