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Useful INFO. please SPREAD ... Bile Stone Destroyer, Some time ago, one of my friends suddenly collapsed and was declared to suffer the suffering of critical gallstones that were so large that the rocks in the gall were blocking and covering the bile supply pathway to aid digestion in his stomach.

According to the doctor who handled it there was no other way except to do surgery to remove the gallbladder in other words he would no longer have a gallbladder in his liver. Without having to think twice, my friend who is a brilliant career at the Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Indonesia has scheduled an operation at an international hospital in Jakarta, because if it is not immediately operated on the body will be thinner, weaker and feel amazing pain.

However, several days before the gallbladder removal operation was carried out, one of his relatives brought 3 green coconut or medicinal coconut which has a large size, or is commonly recognized by the characteristic of the inner-red husk when the tip of the skin on the coconut is slightly peeled. Coconut fruit like this is indeed rather uncommon but apparently also not very difficult to obtain because many young coconut sellers can provide it for sure with a higher price than general coconuts.

To process it is also not too difficult namely the base side is slightly peeled and perforated, then a little water is reduced so it does not spill when burned on the stove until the water boils. After the coconut water boils with a lot of air bubbles and steam coming out of the coconut water, turn off the heat and allow some time to cool down if it cools down as soon as you finish using a straw or it can be poured in a glass.

The three green coconuts were needed by my friend in three days where the best time to drink them was at night before going to sleep. And a few days ago when my best friend did the final ultrasound benefit of the need for an operation that would soon be in
work on, gallstones that will be removed from his body are gone even though only a little sand will be lost as soon as possible in a few days.

Furthermore, the surgical procedure was also canceled and my best friend was healthy again as before. I have written this article with reference to the experience of my best friend so that it can be of benefit, because the procedure for the removal of the gallbladder in my opinion does not solve the real problem. Where the real problem is actually in the liver because in terms of slight damage to the liver and lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns, the liver produces a specific chemical in the bile that can settle to make rocks in the gallbladder sac.

If the gallbladder is removed, it is certain that there will be no more rocks formed there because indeed there is no more bile in the reservoir. But each drop of bile production produced by the liver will soon be spilled in the stomach until many of us meet someone who has done the removal of a natural gallbladder in obesity and excessive body weight to the need for various types of drugs throughout his life always to protect his health so as not to
bring about new health problems. That may be useful.
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