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Keep a Slice of Shallot in the Corner of Your Room, You Will Be Cold What Will Happen?

Until now, many people know about onions only for cooking spices. Although in fact, except for onion cooking spices many health benefits for both preventing and healing diseases.

This is not a new idea, onions have been used by some people in Europe to fight the plague around the early 1900s. Ayurvedic medicine has used onion poultices for the chest or legs to treat coughs, fevers and colds for centuries. They also use onion poultices to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Homeopaths also use the healing power of onions to treat viruses and diseases.
Onion is a food source rich in quercitin, a powerful anti-oxidant flavonoid that has been proven to reduce cholesterol, avoid blood clots, and fight asthma, critical bronchitis, fever, atherosclerosis and infections and is even related to inhibit certain types of cancer.

All of the healing benefits for the diseases described above are mostly handled through consumption. Then what for and what happens if the onion slices are placed in your living room?

Some older people often do superstitious practices by storing shallots on the door of the dwelling, which means to protect your home and family from the problems of spirits and some black knowledge handled by bad people. In a way that is not the same, from the medical side, in fact there are benefits from onions that are stored in the room.

Try taking some grains of onion, slice and then put in a bowl or plate and place it in the room. Let it be for some hours and the air in the room will be clean. In England, the habit of putting pieces of onions and putting them in several corners of the room is often handled. This kind of thing has a purpose to clean the air from viruses that can cause various diseases including flu.

If you have a cold, a cold or a fever, save as much as 1/2 cup of chopped onions in the room. Onions need to be chopped so that the pungent odor of the onion is exposed because the following pungent odor will neutralize the air and absorb influenza virus from the air. If placed in the house to prevent disease, change the onions every 3 days.

Pieces of onion can also be used to remove odors. So, if the bathroom, storeroom, or garage in your house has a foul-smelling air, store the pieces of onions there. The smell of onions at first will be very strong, but the pungent smell of onions will really work. Because if you save the onion at night, so the next morning the foul odor that was previously in the room will disappear.

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    Dark 01 February, 2020 06:03

    Good article, i hope add google translate, because any people understand about your article 🙂

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