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Here are some decent crops in your home

Having trouble sleeping? Some people in the world have problems with sleeping every day, but they will like to hear that there are plants that can help them with that. These 10 plants are not just detoxifying the air in your bedroom, but they can even help you sleep better at night. Some people like to have plants in their homes and bedrooms. It brings natural beauty inside and acts as a natural air cleaner by taking carbon dioxide and giving back fresh oxygen. That's all in their natural life cycle.

But the real question remains: Is it good to have plants in your bedroom? The good thing about having plants in your bedroom is that during photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen. We all know that plants need light for photosynthesis, until the night time the process is reversed. Plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

These 10 plants are the best choice for you to protect them in your bedroom, day and night: 

A group of researchers at the Wheeling Jesuit Campus in West Virginia have demonstrated the sedative character of this plant and its positive effect on sleep quality. In their study, they have compared the effects of jasmine odor with the effects of lavender odor as well as the state of non-odor control in participants. They have found that the smell of jasmine has the greatest effect on increasing sleep efficiency and shrinking sleep movements. It can be seen that jasmine essential oil is one of the best essential oils for depression and anxiety

One study conducted in 2008 by researchers from the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine has found that the scent of lavender is so efficient in reassuring babies and taking them to a deeper step in sleep. You can use lavender as a calming effect, or you can use lavender essential oil as an alternative. Lavender essential oil is also one of the best essential oils to improve your sleep. Prime and strong smell of lavender can be relaxing and fun for some people of all ages. You can get lavender-scented lotions and essential oils in each supermarket, or you can get lavender plants

Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) 
This beautiful plant to clean the air in your residence, day and night. The reason is simple green and yellow leaves, snake plants can fit well with dwelling decoration. We can also say that snake plants are one of the ten best screening plants, according to NASA. As previously explained, some plants take oxygen in the curfew, and emit carbon dioxide. However, that does not take place with snake plants. Snake plants emit oxygen throughout the night, making the air fresh and clean, every time of the day.

The valerian plant is not just looking for good plants, but also a natural alternative that is primed to help people suffering from insomnia. One study conducted by a team of neuroscience researchers from Japan, in 2004, showed the effects of valerian hypnosis. In their study, several Japanese researchers showed that simply inhaling the valerian scent of pink flowers that were more sufficient to start the busyness of the brain GABA system. The GABA system in our brain is responsible for relaxing all the bodies and preparing for sleep. You should also know that valerian root is one of the 12 best herbs for insomnia. Valerian is the basic ingredient in some products, such as mild sedatives and sleep aids throughout the nerve wrinkles and insomnia.

Gardenias are just like jasmine. They have white blooms and beautiful aromas, which can also have a sedative effect on some people who breathe them. One study conducted by scientists from Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, in th. 2010, show that gardenias have the same enjoyment effect on the human brain and body as Valium. All you need to do is buy a gardenia plant and place it in your bedroom. You can enjoy the ability of aroma therapy and forget everything about sleeping pills.

Aloe vera 
One of the best natural plants, with a long list of treatment characteristics, is Vera's tongue. Aloe Vera can help you treat wounds, such as helping with digestion and helping many other treatment characteristics. Having an Aloe Vera factory in your bedroom is also a good idea, after all. That's because the aloe vera plant has the same strength as the snake plant. Throughout the night that radiate oxygen, leaving your fresh air at night and better to sleep more soundly. Another good thing about aloe vera is that it doesn't need as much attention as some other plants.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) 
Another amazing natural air purifier is the spider plant. The spider factory has the power to eliminate formaldehyde at risk from the air you breathe. This can eliminate up to 90% of formaldehyde in the air around you. What was shown in a research done by NASA. So, keep in mind that you can always protect a spider or two in your bedroom and your air will be fresher.

Gerbera daisy 
Daisy gerbera is a beautiful plant with red blooms that brings joy to each dwelling decoration. Although this gerbera daisy is not easy to deal with as an aloe vera or snake plant, it still has the same power to take in carbon dioxide and release extra oxygen throughout the night hours. This power makes Daisy Gerbera a prime plant to protect in your bedroom. This will help you sleep better and it will make your room more cheerful

English plant ivy (Heliera Helix) 
Remember when we said the research carried out by NASA that showed the detoxification effects of spider plants? Well, in the same study, the English ivy plant was found to be the best quality air purifier. This makes it an ideal plant for your bedroom and can also help people who suffer from allergies suffer by purifying the air around them. Even though English is very good in purifying the air, it's so poisonous when consumed by humans. So, choose plants that are not the same air purifier if you have small children or pets in your home.

Lily perdamaian (Spathiphyllum) 
The peace of the lily plant is not just good at removing formaldehyde from the air, but it can also eliminate benzene from the surrounding air. This can be good in protecting a more humid dry environment. This kind of thing can increase the humidity level to 5% in their bedrooms. So, lily plant peace is the best choice for some people who live in arid climates. Peaceful lilies are the best choice, because it makes less noise from electric air humidifiers and they require low maintenance (watering only once a week).
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