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Beware! Avoid the following during menstruation as it may cause uterine Cancer growth

Sharing for some women (if the guy who received help in forward to the woman? around you)  "

  • Do not drink ice water, soda water, and menstrual coconut 
  • Do not wash the pores because the head of the middle is open during menstruation because it can 
Cause headaches (suffered by the head wind) thus have a risk of this effect can be felt when young n old when

Never eat a cucumber middle time h4id because the sap that is on a cucumber can result in menstruation remaining in the uterus...

  • In addition, the middle of the period is not able to knock, fall and 
  • Hit by hard objects in terms of the stomach because it can cause vomiting blood, the uterus can be injured 
  • Research show, drinking ice time h4id can result in blood h4id left in the uterine wall, after 5-10 yrs can result in CYSTS & UTERINE CANCER. 

Please this information is spread to some women either wife, our daughter, or women relationships, this. Show when we care about them... Dear Your Love. Beautiful Sharing...

Never break it down... 1 x The only post may be that you have saved 1 woman. Hopefully useful for some women.
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