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Press this point for 2 minutes, see and feel what happens to your body

There are times when you are faced with tachycardia, anxious fears, a sense of light you consider and start thinking about in any moment you will faint or get a heart attack.

In general the problem, this feeling is quite risky but sometimes it can signal heart problems triggered by anxiety and generally occurs in some people who are nervous and so often attacked by stress.

Fortunately, this problem can be successfully controlled due to acupressure therapy. 

This treatment will optimally relax you and will increase your flow. 

 "Sea of Tranquility" is one of the major acupressure points that helps in alleviating worries, strong sheen and heartbeat.
This point is in the center of the chest and three fingers from the lower edge of the bone. It just needs to choke tightly with your thumb in this place in the duration of 2 minutes and then breathe in, slowly and flat.
This way you will activate this place.

Once you activate the place, the sheen in your chest will speedily be tame and you are nervous, emotional problems, depression, anxiety and hysteria.
Beyond that, to choke this point can help in the treatment for asthma, cough, breast masbead and sore throat.

There is also another strong point of acupressure as well as acupuncture to get rid of anxiety.
This point is referred to as  "Third Eye " and on the forehead on your eyebrows.
Close your eyes and slowly push one minute.
Breathe deep and slowly. This way you will hold your body.
All the signs related to anxiety will make it easier.
It can help with headaches, insomnia, nasal congestion, dizziness and problems with the eye.
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