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The most efficacious and potent remedy, for those of you who have this hepatitis disease is a cure

Hepatitis C is a type of inflammatory liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Hepatitis C often has no sign, but critical infections can cause damage to the liver tissues, and after a few years, can also result in cirrhosis. In some cases in patients with cirrhosis, this disease results in additional complications such as liver or even liver cancer, esophageal varicose and stomach, which can lead to death from bleeding.

Hepatitis C is obtained through infected blood, such as the use of injectable drugs, medical equipment that is not sterile and blood transfusions. Predictable if in all the world Hepatitis C is infected around 130-170, 000, 000 humans.
  • Materials: 
  • Amber Nature 
  • Clove 
  • Honey Meadow. 

Take a piece of bright and natural Amber, and fine grate it. Then take a tablespoon of this yellow powder and put it in a pan. Then mix with one tablespoon of finely chopped cloves (spices) as well as finally give one liter of natural honey meadow to this combination. Using a combination of good wood spoon is all material. Put this combination in a glass bottle as well as placing the tubes in the refrigerator.

Consuming one teaspoon of this mixture, always in the morning, when the stomach is empty for 90 days.

Then make some blood analysis. You will find that you no longer have Hepatitis C. For three months of consumption of this drug, your liver will be made clean of all toxins, surplus bilirubin as well as viruses.

Amber is a resin fossil tree, which is appreciated for its color as well as the natural organic beauty of the Neolithic period. Amber is used as an ingredient in fragrance oil, as a healing facility in folk medicine, as well as jewellery.

Amber naturally has electrostatic characters that are over the centuries, and even today, are used for healing purposes. The unusual ability of Amber to produce negative ions that affect pain reduction, cause a healing system and provide protection from radiation at risk. Amber acid absorbs all negative forces.
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