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Kersen fruit able to prevent deadly disease

Many have explained the kinds of ways of treating diseases in a natural way by regularly consuming specific fruits.

Tumor is a disease that is often mistaken for people as a deadly disease, especially those referred to as malignant tumors. Need to know tumors are divided into two groups, namely benign and malignant tumors.

Well, among the various fruits there is a fruit called cherry or another name talok fruit (or Muntingia calabura L). Fruit that is not commonly sold in markets, especially in supermarkets, but the fruit whose trees grow on the streets or in public places can in fact treat malignant tumors.

How come? To find out in a complete way we know first whether it is a malignant tumor. Then we enter the explanation of cherry fruit.

As taken alodokter. com, benign tumors only grow on one side of the body and do not spread or attack the other side.

Being a malignant tumor or what is often referred to cancer is a tumor that can attack the surrounding tissue, enter the blood vessels, and spread to the other side of the body.

Benign tumors also generally will not grow again after removal, malignant tumors have a chance to recur.

The cause of the growth of tumors is certainly not known in a certain way, but there are several aspects that are suspected as a trigger. Namely: 
  • Aspects of heredity and genetic disorders. 
  • Consuming excessive alcohol. 
  • Abnormalities in the immune system. 
  • Excellence in body weight or obesity. 
  • Exposure to air pollution. 
  • Exposure to excessive sunlight. 
  • Radiation exposure. 
If the cancer or malignant tumor is still in one place and has not spread, the cancer will usually be removed through surgery.

Benign tumors are also usually removed unless the tumor does not interfere with the ability of the organ and is not at risk of bad health.

Cherry Fruit As An Anti-Tumor
Cherry fruit is included in the fruit family has a small size that tastes sweet. Young cherries are light green and the color will turn red when the fruit is ripe.

Cherries flesh is smooth and has a sweet taste. And even though it has long been known as a tree that can grow wild anywhere, cherry apparently puts a lot of benefits for body health.

Cherry fruit is so useful and has more content when compared with a variety of isotonic solutions that are currently widely circulating in the market.

Viewed from the nutritional content of cherry fruit is not inferior to other fruits such as mangoes. The content of vitamin C is 30 mg of mango, while in cherry fruit 80, 5 mg, beyond that the calcium content of cherry fruit 124, 6 mg, far more and more than mango fruit which is only 15 mg.
Taken kersen wikipedia itself has many useful contents one of which is water (77, 8 gr), Protein (0, 384 gr), Fat (1, 56 Gr), Carbohydrates (17, 9 gr), Fiber (4, 6 gr ), Ash (1, 14 gr), Calcium (124, 6 mg), Phosphorus (84mg), Iron (1, 18 mg), Carotene (0, 019g), Tianin (0, 065g), Ribofalin (0, 037g ), Niacin (0, 554 g) and the content of Vitamin C (80, 5 mg) the resulting power value is 380KJ / 100 gr.
Cherry fruit is also reported to have anti-tumor effects, in which the content of flavonoids owned by this cherry in fact can inhibit the development of cancer cells by invitro / laboratory.

However, preventing must also be done from some aspects such as protecting lifestyle, These are some other steps we can take to reduce the risk of tumors, namely: 
  • Quit smoking. 
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Applying a healthy and balanced diet, for example increasing consumption of fiber, especially vegetables and reducing consumption of fatty foods. 
  • Protect a healthy body weight. 
  • Limiting consuming alcohol. The limit of consumption / day referenced is 2 to 2, 5 cans of beer for men and optimal 2 cans of beer for women with an alk * oh * ol content of 4, 7% per can. 
  • Getting rid of sun exposure, for example by using sunscreen. 
  • Minimizing the exposure of ki * he compounds that contain poisons, for example by wearing a mask when using public transportation. 
  • Minimizing exposure to radiation. 
  • Exercise health control in an orderly manner. 
So it is still recommended that you protect your lifestyle so that you are free from the risk of dangerous tumors.

Except for protecting lifestyle, there is no mistake in avoiding tumor disease with regular consumption of cherry fruit, where cherry fruit itself is widely recognized to reduce the risk of tumor disease. Greetings always healthy.
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